The song Komm Susser Todd (German for "Come Sweet Death") used for the film, The End of Evangelion: Episode 26' - Sincerely Yours, is an English translation of Director Hideaki Anno's original Japanese lyrics.
As far as I know, this is the only literal translation of the lyrics Anno wrote available.
And as you will see, the final song produced is more of an adaptation rather than a simple translation of the original Japanese.

Amaki shi yo, kitare
(Komm, susser Tod/Come Sweet Death)
Translated by Bochan_bird

Fuan na no.
Fuan na no.
Minna ni kirawareru no ga, kowai.
Jibun ga kizutsuku no ga, kowai.
Demo, hito wo kizutsukeru no ga, motto kowai.
Demo, kizutsukete shimau.
Suki na hito wo kizutsukete shimau.
Dakara, hito wo suki ni naranai.
Dakara, jibun wo kizutsukeru no.

(I feel uneasy.
I feel uneasy.
I'm afraid of being hated by everyone.
I'm afraid of being hurt.
But I'm more afraid of hurting other people.
But I end up hurting (them).
I hurt the people I like/love.
That's why I won't like people.
That's why I hurt myself.)

Kowai dakara.
Daikkirai dakara.

(Because I'm scared.
Because I hate (myself) very much.)

Suki ni natte ha, ikenai no.
Dakara, jibun wo kizutsukeru.

(I mustn't come to like (other people).
That's why I hurt myself.)

Yasashisa ha totemo zankoku.
Kokoro wo yudanetara, watashi ha kowarete shimau.
Kokoro ga fureaeba, ano hito ha kizutsuku.

(Tenderness is extremely cruel.
If I yield my heart, I will be broken/destroyed.
If our hearts touch, that person will be hurt.)

Dakara, watashi ha kowareru shika nai.
Mu he to modoru shika nai.

(So, I have no recourse but to be broken/destroyed.
No recourse but to return to nothing.)

Mu he to kaerou.
Mu he to kaerou.
Sore ha, yasashisa ni michita tokoro.
Soko ha, shinjitsu no itami no nai tokoro.
Kokoro no yuragi no nai tokoro.

(Let's return to nothing.
Let's return to nothing.
That is the place filled with tenderness.
That is the place without the pain of truth.
The place without wavering of the heart.)

Mu he to kaerou.
Mu he to kaerou.
Mu he to kaerou.
Mu he to kaerou....(kurikaeshi)

(Let's return to nothing.
Let's return to nothing.
Let's return to nothing.
Let's return to nothing....(repeat))

Original lyrics by Hideaki Anno