The End of Evangelion
Theatrical Program: Glossary

Composition: Studio Yuu

The order issued by the government of Japan in New-Tokyo-2 in episode 25' "Air".  This order means the "abolishment of special legal protection for NERV and transfer of all command to the government of Japan".  Order "A-17" was issued when attempting to capture the 8th Angel, so all "A-" orders are thought to be emergency actions related to NERV.

[A.T. Field]
Abbreviation of "ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD".  An absolute domain deployed by the Angels and Eva that forms a physical barrier.  This field boasts enormous defensive power, and is able to greatly diminish the power of all weapons.  The Evas' ability to neutralize A.T.Fields is a major reason why they were viewed as the only weapon capable of countering the Angels.  However, not only Angels and Eva, but also humans possess A.T.Fields, and it is these A.T.Fields that separate humans from each other and give them their physical forms.  Nagisa Kaworu described A.T.Fields as "the barrier of the heart that everybody has."

[BC Weapon (BC HEIKI)]
Biological and Chemical Weapon, indicating poison gas and germ weapons, etc.  Called such because "B" and "C" are the first letters of "Biological" and "Chemical".  In episode 25' "Air", Shigeru Aoba feared that the JSSDF might use BC weapons.

The liquid that fills the inside of the entry plug.  Viscous in nature and having a blood-like odor, when charged by electricity its molecular arrangement is altered, allowing L.C.L to perform a number of functions such as mentally linking the pilot and the Eva, supplying oxygen, and providing both physical and mental protection to the pilot.  This same L.C.L also fills the lowest level of Terminal Dogma where Lilith is kept.  Various interpretations have been circulated such as that "L.C.L" is the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid", but what it appears to be is the actual "soup of life".
(Translator's Note: The D&R Movie Program (Sp. Ed.) states clearly that "L.C.L" is *not* the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid".)

A supercomputer whose basic theory was completed by the late Dr. Naoko Akagi and which was implemented by her daughter, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.  MAGI could be considered the brain of Special Agency NERV, and it formulates, investigates and resolves various problems and plans.  MAGI consists of three computer systems: MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3, and a final decision is reached by these three computers conferring together.  These computers are similar to humans not only in the sense that they systematically recreate human dilemmas, but also in their use of personality-transplant OS by which human thought patterns are transplanted to the computers.  The thought patterns transplanted to MAGI are those of its developer, Dr. Naoko Akagi.  MELCHIOR-1 has the transplanted thought pattern of Naoko as a scientist, BALTHASAR-2 as a mother and CASPER-3 as a woman.  Incidentally, the name MAGI comes from the three wise men from the east who prophesied the birth of Jesus in the New Testament.  MELCHIOR, BALTHASAR and CASPER are also taken from the names of these wise men.  At the beginning of episode 25' "Air", five MAGI-type computers in Matsushiro (MAGI-2), Germany, the US and China  tried to hack into the original MAGI located in NERV HQ.

[N^2 Weapon (N^2 HEIKI)]
A weapon of enormous destructive power possessed by the UN military and the JSSDF.  Variations of this weapon include: N^2 mines, N^2 depth charges, N^2 air charges, N^2 bombs, etc.  In episode 25', when Shigeru Aoba worried about the possible use of BC weapons, Makoto Hyuuga replied that N^2 weapons were to be equally feared.

[S^2 Engine (S^2 KIKAN)]
A power generation system explained by the super-solenoid theory advocated by Dr. Katsuragi.  When Eva is equipped with this system, its operational time limit is extended to infinity.  All the Angels have S^2 engines, and Eva-01 acquired one when it devoured the 14th Angel.  Moreover, all Eva series units from Eva-05 onward are also equipped with S^2 engines and thus do not need umbilical cables.

[Shigeru Aoba]
An operator assigned to the Central Operations Room in NERV HQ.  Rank: lieutenant.  His responsibilities include communications and data analysis.  His hobby is the guitar.  Birthdate: May 5,  Blood type: A

[Ritsuko Akagi]
A scientist assigned to the First Technology Bureau Section of the Technical Development Dept. in NERV HQ.  Head of the E Project, she is also the daughter of Dr. Naoko Akagi, creator of MAGI's basic system.  Usually attired in a white lab coat, she consumes large quantities of coffee and cigarettes while she works.  She has been friends with Misato Katsuragi since their university years.  Like her mother, she was involved in an illicit relationship with Gendou Ikari, but then rebelled against him in the final stages of the Instrumentality Project and destroyed all the clones of Rei Ayanami as a means of taking her revenge.  As a result, she was confined within NERV HQ, but then later released as she was needed for the self defense of MAGI.  Birthdate: November 21,  Blood type: B,  Age: 30

[Red Earth Purification Ceremony (AKICHI NO MISOGI)]
A phrase spoken by the members of SEELE in episode 26' when the Geofront reverts into the Egg of Lilith - the "Black Moon".  "Misogi" is a religious ceremony in which the body is purified by bathing in water -- and thus by extension refers to any means used to purify or sanctify a certain object.  While there are theories that the etymology of "Adam", the progenitor of the human race, is "red" or "earth", its connection with "Red Earth" is unclear.

The 1st Angel.  The giant of light discovered in Antarctica.  The information that Adam was confined underground below NERV HQ turned out to be false -- that underground giant was in fact Lilith.  The real Adam was the embryo-like object brought by Kaji from Germany.  This was result of humans reducing Adam to an embryonic state after waking it up with the S^2 theory.  Second Impact appears to have been an effect of this process.  The book of Genesis in the Old Testament records that Adam was the first human to be created by God in His image.  There are various theories as to the etymology of the word "Adam", among them:  "earth", "red" and "create".

[Rei Ayanami]
The First Children, and dedicated pilot of Eva-00.  A young girl who apparently lacks emotions.  Her body was created from the salvaged remains of Yui Ikari after Yui was taken into the Eva, and numerous Rei clones were then prepared in Terminal Dogma so that when one Rei dies she can be replaced by another.  The present Rei is the third.  The first was killed by Dr. Naoko Akagi, and the second died in battle against the 16th Angel.  Although the personalities of these three Rei differ from one another, this is due to environmental factors.  Their soul is one and the same, and it appears to have been that of Lilith.  At the final stage of the Instrumentality Project, Rei betrayed Gendou, returned to Lilith of her own judgment and entrusted the future to Gendou's son -- Shinji Ikari.  Birth date: unknown

[Umbilical Cable (Power Cable)]
The cable used to supply electric power to the Eva from an external source because the Eva has a very short active time as a weapon.  This cable could be considered the Eva's weak point.  For this reason, the JSSDF units, during their attack on NERV HQ, were instructed to concentrate their firepower on the umbilical cable (which they called the power cable).  Incidentally, "umbilical cable (cord)" means the blood vessels which extend from baby's navel to the placenta of its mother's womb.  Thus, like a baby receives nutrients through this umbilical cord, the Eva receives electric power through the umbilical cable.

[Shinji Ikari]
The Third Children, and dedicated pilot of Eva-01.  He lost his mother in his infancy, and lived until the age of 14 under the care of an acquaintance of his father.  He was summoned by his father -- NERV Commander Gendou Ikari -- at the same time as the 3rd Angel's attack, and ended up becoming an Eva pilot.  He remained in New-Tokyo-3 thereafter, but due to the deep gap between him and his father from whom he had been separated for a long time, he came to live in the apartment of his superior, Misato Katsuragi.  Introverted in character, he is concerned about how he is viewed by others.  Further, he is awkward at expressing himself and communicating with others, so he repeatedly evades confrontation and disobeys orders.  At the time of the JSSDF attack on NERV, he had fallen into a state of self-loss, which is also the reason why his counter-attack was delayed.  Birthdate: June 6,  Blood type: A,  Age: 14

[Gendou Ikari]
Commander of Special Agency NERV.  Formerly named Gendou Rokubungi, he changed his name upon marrying Yui Ikari, whom he had been seeing since her university years.  He served as Chief of Research at the U.N. Artificial Evolution Laboratories, which was actually a front for promoting the E Project.  After Yui's death, he devoted himself to the "Adam Project" and "Instrumentality Project (HCP)".  Backed by SEELE, he achieved a number of goals including the construction of Eva.  However, his honeymoon with SEELE lasted only until the last Angel had been defeated, after which their difference in objectives became apparent and developed into military confrontation.  Birthdate: April 29,  Blood type:A

[Yui Ikari]
Wife of Gendou Ikari, and apparently originally a member of SEELE.  She married Gendou (originally Gendou Rokubungi), whom she had been seeing since her Kyoto University years, and gave birth to Shinji.  After the marriage she remained active with her husband Gendou at GEHIRN, and worked toward the realization of the E Project.  She died in an accident during a test in 2004, but her soul remained inside Eva-01.  Further, it seems that this accident was actually intended by her.  Age at death: 27

[Maya Ibuki]
Second Lieutenant assigned to the First Technology Bureau Section in NERV HQ.  She is responsible for the gathering and analysis of Eva-related data, such as monitoring the synchronization rates of the Eva pilots.  She respects Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, her immediate superior.  Her character appears to be as honest and sincere as she is fastidious.  Birthdate: July 11,  Blood type: A,  Age: 24

[Secret Dead Sea Scrolls (URA SHIKAI BUNSHO)]
A document that SEELE appears to be using as its action plan.  Following what was recorded in these "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls", SEELE built the Eva and fought the battles against the Angels.  It seems that this same document also described all the invading Angels.  Incidentally, the actual "Dead Sea Scrolls" were excavated from a cave near the Dead Sea in Israel in 1947.  Their contents include the Old Testament of the Bible and its Apocrypha.

[Entry plug]
A capsule-shaped cockpit inside which the Eva pilot sits.  The Eva is activated by inserting this plug into its cervical vertebrae (the same applies to the simulated entry plug = dummy plug).  In an emergency the plug also serves as an escape capsule, and is equipped with a parachute and ejection rockets for this purpose.

The formal name is "All-purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine - Android Evangelion" (HANYOU HITOGATA KESSEN HEIKI - JINZOU NINGEN EVANGERION).  14 years of time and an astronomical amount of money were used to build the Evangelion in order to carry out the Instrumentality Project.  Able to both deploy and neutralize an A.T.Field, it is the only fighting force that humans have to counter the Angels.  It operates on electric power, and is limited to about 5 minutes of active time without external supply.  Therefore it is normally supplied with electrical power through the umbilical cable.  (The Eva series from Eva-05 onward are equipped with the S^2 engine and thus do not need this cable.)  Originally the Eva do not have souls.  For this reason, the soul of Yui Ikari was made to dwell in Eva-01.  The name Eva is thought to derive from "Eva", wife of Adam in the Old Testament, and "Evangel", the English word for "gospel".

[Evangelion Mass-Production Models (Eva Series) (RYOUSANKI)]
The nine Eva units (Eva-05 to 13) built at the various NERV branches.  In contrast to the previous Eva, these units are under the command of SEELE instead of NERV.  Equipped with the  S^2 Engine, they have an infinite active time and thus do not need umbilical cables.  They also have collapsible wings on their backs which allow them to fly.  In order to carry out the Instrumentality Project, SEELE committed them to the battle against NERV, and as a group they destroyed Eva-02.

[Ryohji Kaji]
Assigned to the Special Inspections Division of Special Agency NERV, at the same time he also worked for the Investigations Department of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs, and secretly spied on NERV under orders from SEELE.  He arrived in Japan from NERV's German branch together with the Second Children and Eva-02.  He then received transfer orders and stayed on at NERV HQ.  He had a romantic relationship with Misato Katsuragi during their student years, and although they had separated, their relationship resumed after Kaji's return to Japan.  His curiosity proved his ruin, and although he was consequently shot to death, he left the results of his investigations to Misato.  Birthdate: June 17,  Blood type: A

[Misato Katsuragi]

Major assigned to the First Operations Bureau Section of the Tactical Operations Dept. in NERV HQ.  She is also the Operations Chief, and is thus responsible for the strategic command of the Eva.  Saved by her father, whom she hated, from Second Impact, this loss of her father caused her mental trauma and she suffered an extended period of agnosia (loss of speech).  The cross pendant that she wears is the keepsake of her father.  Although a member of NERV, she harbors constant suspicions towards the actions of Commander Ikari and the others.  Based on the information left by her lover Ryohji Kaji, she sought after the truth on her own.  Birthdate: December 8,  Blood type: A,  Age: 29

[Chamber of Gaf (GAFU NO HEYA)]
According to the words spoken by Fuyutsuki in episode 26', the opening of the Chamber of Gaf is synonymous with the opening of the door to the world's beginning and end.  When this door opened, the surface of the Earth turned to L.C.L, and people were also no longer able to maintain their individual life forms and were reduced to L.C.L.  Ritsuko also spoke of the Chamber of Gaf in episode 21.

[Keel Lorentz]
The chairman of the Instrumentality Committee, and also the leader of SEELE.  His body is completely cybernetic from the spine down.  He issued orders for the direct occupation of Special Agency NERV, and planned complementation using Eva-01.

[Black Moon (KUROKI TSUKI)]
The words used by SEELE to describe the egg of Lilith, the source of life.  In episode 26', the start of the Instrumentality Project reveals that the underground cavity beneath New-Tokyo-3 which became the Geofront is in fact the "Black Moon".

[Community/Colony (GUNTAI)]
Misato said that, viewed from the Instrumentality Project, humankind is "a colony of flawed and separate entities".  Colony means a group of individual organisms linked to each other, with new individual organisms produced by splitting or budding.  Each individual organism within the colony has the capability to live independently.

[Third Impact]
A large-scale catastrophe predicted to follow First (Giant) Impact and Second Impact.  It was officially explained that Third Impact would be caused by contact between an Angel and Adam kept underground below New-Tokyo-3, and that the Eva and NERV existed to prevent this from happening.  However, the objective of the Instrumentality Project was actually to initiate Third Impact.

[Third Children]
Shinji Ikari -- The third suitable person selected by the Marduke agency.  Without training, he managed to start up Eva-01, which had been ridiculed as an "09" (oh nein) system because of its low start-up probability of 0.000000001%, thus surprising all those involved.  Thereafter, he remained in New-Tokyo-3 as the dedicated pilot of Eva-01.  Having a higher synchronization ratio than the other Children, he often became the core force in battles against Angels.


A deep underground city spreading below New-Tokyo-3.  Built using an pre-existing spherical cavity (most of which was filled with earth and sand), the ceiling portion was almost totally destroyed by the JSSDF's attack in episode 25' "Air", thus exposing the Geofront.  NERV HQ is located in the center of the Geofront, and is surrounded by forests and a subterranean lake.  The many high-rise buildings that extend downward from the ceiling (Ceiling City = TENJOU TOUSHI) are the same buildings that stand in New-Tokyo-3, and are retracted underground during Angel attacks.  The start of the Instrumentality Project revealed that this cavity is actually the egg of Lilith -- the "Black Moon".

[Angels (SHITO)]
Beings originated from the source of life called Lilith.  They take various sizes and shapes: from a giant octahedron to a minute Angel the size of bacteria, or even a "shadow" Angel without tangible form.  Borrowing Fuyutsuki's words in episode 26', it seems that Angels are beings which got the "Fruit of Life" whereas humanity got the "Fruit of Wisdom".  In other words, "Angels" are another form of humankind with the same potential as humans.  Thus, humans are the 18th Angel.

[Eva-01 (SHOGOUKI)]
EVA-01 TEST TYPE.  The first Eva to be introduced to actual combat, and the second Eva built at NERV HQ after Eva-00.  Although it plays a major role in many battles against Angels, it also exhibits a number of unaccountable phenomena, such as going berserk, activating without an entry plug inserted, and remaining active after its operational time limit, etc.  In the battle against the 14th Angel, it devoured the Angel and thus directly obtained an S^2 engine.  Purple in color, its dedicated pilot is the Third Children -- Shinji Ikari.  It seems that the soul of his mother -- Yui Ikari -- was made to dwell inside Eva-01.  Also, the physical body of Eva-01 was apparently created from Lilith.  This is why when the Lance of Longinus was lost, Eva-01 became the sole substitute for Lilith as the medium for Instrumentality (Human Complementation).

[Instrumentality Project/Human Complementation Project

A plan to artificially evolve humanity, which had reached its limit as a colony of flawed and separate entities, into a perfect single being.  It was promoted under the direction of SEELE, with Special Agency NERV as the implementing organization.  However, it seems that SEELE's objective differed from that of NERV -- that is to say of Gendou and Fuyutsuki.  Eva was not actually built as a weapon, but instead with the aim of realizing this project.  Specifically, this appears to have been a project to artificially initiate Third Impact, thus eliminating all of humanity who, after shedding their human forms, would then evolve to a new stage.

[Stigmata (SEIKON)]
A word spoken by members of SEELE in episode 26' indicating the bloody marks that appeared on both hands of Eva-01.  The English equivalent is "stigma" (pl. stigmata), and originally meant the brands burned on cattle or slaves.  In Catholic circles, it refers to the phenomenon where the same wounds suffered by Christ during the crucifixion (both hands, both feet, side of abdomen, forehead) appear on a person for no outward reason.

[Tree of Life (SEIMEI NO KI)]
When the Instrumentality Project starts, Eva-01 transforms into a tree-like figure with its roots spread towards the sky and its branches extending down to the ground.  Upon seeing this Fuyutsuki remarks that, "Eva-01 has been restored to the Tree of Life".  A Tree of Life with the roots and branches inverted appears in both Hindu scriptures and the Kabbalah, and is called "the Inverted Tree".

[Fruit of Life (SEIMEI NO MI)]
Mentioned by Fuyutsuki in episode 26' as that possessed by Angels.  It is written in the book of Genesis in the "Old Testament" that at the center of the Garden of Eden were the "Tree of Wisdom" and the "Tree of Life".  Humans disobeyed God's command and ate of the "Fruit of Wisdom", but what if they had eaten of the "Fruit of Life" instead?  Might this answer be the Angels?  Further, it is also told in Genesis that they who eat of the fruit from the Tree of Life shall have immortal life.

A secret organization that existed since before Second Impact.  It covered up the truth about Second Impact and the existence of the Angels, and possesses power exceeding even that of sovereign nations and the UN.  After Second Impact, it used the UN as a front to establish the Instrumentality Committee and Special Agency NERV, and to build the Eva series.  SEELE's Instrumentality Project proceeded according to the account written in the "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls", and aimed to move humankind to the next level of evolution.  However, the loss of the Lance of Longinus and then the further rebellion of NERV Commander Gendou Ikari forced SEELE to modify the plan at the final stage.  Incidentally, "Seele" means "soul" in German.  Further, the names of all the organizations that are related to SEELE, such as GEHIRN and NERV, are also derived from German.  Could it be that SEELE originated in Germany?

An insignia consisting of seven eyes on an inverted triangle.  The same pattern was painted on the mask that covered Lilith's face, but its relation to Yahweh, the absolute God of the Old Testament who is said to have seven eyes, is unclear.

[Second Impact]
Called so because the catastrophe was the largest since an asteroid collided with Earth 4 billion years ago (= Giant Impact).  It caused cataclysmic changes in the environment including floods, volcanic eruptions and a shifting of the Earth's axis.  This, together with the civil conflicts that erupted on a world-wide scale shortly thereafter, erased half the world's population.  Its cause was generally explained as a massive meteorite falling on Markam Mountain in Antarctica, but it was actually an artificial event -- caused by SEELE's and Gendou's attempt to reduce the 1st Angel, Adam, to embryo form before the other Angels awakened.

[Second Children]
Sohryu Asuka Langley -- selected by the Marduke agency after Rei Ayanami as a suitable person.  She received training at NERV's German branch, and was then posted to Japan as the dedicated pilot of Eva-02.  Her falling synchronization rate caused her to lose confidence in herself and she went missing for a while, but was found and brought back by NERV agents.  She was still under medical care when the JSSDF invaded NERV in episode 25' "Air".

[Tree of Sephiroth (SEFIROTO NO KI)]
A symbolic figure in Kabbalism (A esoteric sect of Judaism centering around mystical interpretations of the "Torah") representing in essence a 3-dimensional image of the spiritual realm in the form of a diagram.  This same diagram is also drawn in Gendou Ikari's office.  The figure is comprised of ten spheres linked by 22 paths, and shows the route for humans to attain the highest possible spiritual level.  It is said that this figure can be interpreted in various ways: as a step-by-step diagram for meditation, a map leading to wisdom, or a prediction of humankind's future, etc.  In episode 26' "Magokoro wo, kimi ni", the Eva series form a giant Tree of Sephiroth in the sky.

[Sounds of Cicadas (SEMI NO KOE)]
In the world of Evangelion, Second Impact brought about radical changes in the climate and environment, causing Japan to lose her four seasons and have a summer climate all year round.  That is why in the anime the sounds of cicadas are constantly heard.

[Japan Strategic Self Defense Force - JSSDF

A military organization under the direct command of Japan's Defense Ministry.  Triggered by military conflict between China and Vietnam over the Spratleys in 2003, it was formed by the Japanese government which had no military force of its own (the ground, naval and air divisions of the original Japan Self Defense Force had all been incorporated into the UN Military).  The English abbreviation is JSSDF, which stands for "JAPAN STRATEGY SELF DEFENSE FORCE".  It is also often called "Senji" for short.  In episode 25' "Air", under orders from the Japanese government, the JSSDF committed roughly an entire division in an attempt to directly occupy NERV.

[Central Dogma]
A huge underground area spreading directly below NERV HQ.  Its lowermost level contains a sea of L.C.L and Lilith, crucified on a red cross.  Incidentally, in biological terms, "Central Dogma" refers to the irreversible information flow that occurs in the transformation of DNA -> RNA -> protein.

[Sohryu Asuka Langley]
The Second Children, and dedicated pilot of Eva-02.  She is one quarter German and Japanese, but her nationality is American.  Highly intelligent, she graduated from university at the age of 14 and boasted a higher synchronization rate than the Third Children in the early stages of actual combat.  The suicide of her mother led her to develop an overly-aggressive character, and she maintained her mental balance by outwardly publicizing her superiority.  Birthdate: December 4,  Blood type: O,  Age: 14

[Sohryu Kyouko Zeppelin]
The real mother of Sohryu Asuka Langley.  She suffered mental breakdown due to an accident during an experiment, and thereafter lived in a dream world until committing suicide.  Her soul appears to have been used in the core of Eva-02.

[Dummy Plug]
A mock entry plug developed in order to activate and operate the Eva without the pilots.  Although the personal pattern of the Children is transplanted to the plug, digitization of the soul is impossible, so the dummy plug merely simulates thought patterns.  The dummy plugs prepared by NERV used the personal pattern of the First Children = Rei Ayanami, whereas the dummy plugs prepared by SEELE used the personal pattern of the Fifth Children = Nagisa Kaworu.

[New Tokyo-2]
The new capital of Japan built in the former Nagano Prefecture to replace the old Tokyo.  Construction started in 2001, and the city acquired all the necessary functions for a capital by 2003.  According to the Second Capital Relocation Plan approved in 2005, it was planned that the capital would be moved to New Tokyo-3, which was still under construction at that time.  Incidentally, old Tokyo was obliterated by Second Impact and a new type of bomb dropped just one week thereafter.  Thus, the construction of New Tokyo-2 was decided by the Provisional Government of Japan.  When Hyuuga mentions "Tokyo-2" in episode 25' "Air", he is referring to this New Tokyo-2 as well as the government of Japan which is located there.

[New Tokyo-3]
Although generally publicized as the new capital city to replace New Tokyo-2, it is actually a fortified city for intercepting the Angels which was built in anticipation of Angel attacks.  However, the only real intercepting force is the Eva, and the city mainly performs support functions.  Towering armored buildings -- supporting facilities disguised as ordinary buildings -- stand clustered in the center of the city.  These buildings house the Eva launch exits, electric power supply, replacement weapons and ammunition, and supporting guns.  There are also many intercepting weapons installations positioned around the city.  Underground the city is the expansive Geofront, at the center of which is located the headquarters of Special Agency NERV.  In episode 25', the city was first attacked by the JSSDF, after which the Eva series were committed to the battle.  This annihilated the entire combat capability of the city except for Eva-01.

[Single Being (TANTAI)]
The objective of the Instrumentality Project was the artificial evolution of humankind into a "perfect single being".  This single being means a life form which ends as a single individual, and is used to differentiate from "colony" -- a life form comprised of multiple individuals.

[Fruit of Wisdom (CHIE NO MI)]
That possessed by humans.  The product of this wisdom appears to be "Science", which is praised by Gendou as "the power of man," but ridiculed by Fuyutsuki as "the cause of Second Impact".  If so then Eva and the Instrumentality Project are also the products of this wisdom.  According to the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, at the center of the Garden of Eden next to the Tree of Life was also a Tree of Wisdom -- a Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Humans disobeyed God's command and ate of its fruit, so God banished humans from the Garden of Eden and imposed many discomforts upon them.  Does this mean that humans are beings that were banished from the Garden of Eden in exchange for obtaining wisdom?

Individuals capable of piloting the Eva who are selected by the Marduke agency, an advisory body under the direct control of the Instrumentality Committee (the Marduke agency is in fact NERV).  They are called First, Second, Third, etc., according to the order of their selection.  What is common to these Children is that they are all young boys and girls who have lost their mothers.  Incidentally, the candidates for Children were grouped into Class 2-A of the First Municipal Junior High School of New-Tokyo-3.

[Rite of Passage (TSUUKA GIREI=GISHIKI)]

A ritual ceremony performed when a person changes his identity and acquires a new role within a society.  It is an external declaration of personal change in a social sense, and also a prayer for peace and safety pursuant to the change.  In episode 25' "Air", the members of SEELE likened the Instrumentality Project to "a rite of passage... To bring about the rebirth in those who are imprisoned (lit: in humankind which has reached an impasse)."

In episode 26', when Hyuuga checks the status of Eva-01, he confirms that the Destrado of the pilot -- Shinji Ikari -- is materializing.  Destrado is the energy of the self-destructive impulse advocated by E. Weiss.  It is the antonym of Libido.  It is different from Mortido -- the energy of the "Death Instinct" advocated by P. Federn, the mentor of Weiss.

An extra-legal organization whose aim is to promote the Instrumentality Project.  It was organized in 2010 by transferring GEHIRN (the investigative agency for this same Project) in its entirety to a new body.  Its headquarters are located in New-Tokyo-3, but it is also an international organization with branches in Germany, the US and other locations.  Although outwardly it appears to be under the jurisdiction of the UN, in fact the UN has absolutely no influence over it, and it is under the command of SEELE.  Possessing multiple Evangelion units, it is the only combat force capable of countering the Angels.  However, its weak anti-personnel combat ability was exposed when it was attacked by the JSSDF in episode 25' "Air".

[Kaworu Nagisa]
The Fifth Children who was sent by SEELE to NERV.  However, his true identity was that of the 17th Angel.  It is likely that he was an Angel which had been captured by SEELE in the embryo stage.  Unlike the other Angels, he has feelings quite similar to humans.  The records list his birthdate as September 13th, 2000 AD.  He made contact with the Third Children -- Shinji Ikari-- as a human, and although he became friends with Shinji, he was ultimately crushed to death by Eva-01 piloted by Shinji.  He said that "Life and Death are of equal value," and "Only one form of life can be chosen to be given the future."

[Eva-02 (NIGOUKI)]
EVA-02 PRODUCTION MODEL.  The world's first Eva to be built on the assumption of actual combat.  It was designed and the components were manufactured in Japan, but the final assembly and activation tests were carried out in Germany.  It first experienced actual combat when it battled the 6th Angel which suddenly appeared during its transport to Japan, and was thereafter committed to the defense of New-Tokyo-3 in the capacity of intercepting the Angels.  Red in color, its dedicated pilot is the Second Children -- Sohryu Asuka Langley.  It appears that the soul of Asuka's mother -- Sohryu Kyouko Zeppelin -- was made to dwell within Eva-02.

[NERV's Mark]
Special Agency NERV has a mark which consists of three parts: the organization name, a figure and a phrase.  The organization name is the 4-letter word "NERV".  The phrase is "God is in his heaven.  All's right with the world", a passage taken from "Pippa Passes", written by 19th century poet Robert Browning.  The figure is half of a fig leaf.  It hardly needs be said that the fig leaf symbolizes the original sin entangling Adam and Eve, and brings to mind the humans who ate of the Fruit of Wisdom.

A rectangular boat.  According to the book of Exodus in the Old Testament, Noah received a revelation from God to load all animals pair by pair into a huge Ark, thus saving all species from a world-wide flood.  The line spoken by Fuyutsuki in episode 26', "Will it become the Ark to save humankind from the nothingness of Third Impact?" touches upon this legend.

[Command Center (HATSUREISHO)]
A command room reminiscent of the bridge of a military ship, located inside the Central Operations Room of NERV HQ.  During combat, seven core staff including the Commander, Deputy Commander and Operations Chief assemble here, and all instructions are issued from this center.  There are at least two such command centers in NERV HQ, and since the first was destroyed by the intrusion of the 14th Angel, the second command center is currently in use.  The original MAGI system is installed in the three sub-command centers located below the command center, and this becomes a cause for hesitation on the part of the invading JSSDF.

[Makoto Hyuuga]
Second Lieutenant assigned to the First Operations Bureau Section of the NERV Central Operations Command Dept.  His duties include assisting Operations Chief (Misato) Katsuragi in the formulation of strategies and also the analysis of combat situations, etc.  He harbors affection toward Misato Katsuragi, his superior, and assisted with her objectives, including the occasional gathering of information.  Birthdate: February 13th,  Blood type: B

[First Children]
Rei Ayanami -- the first suitable person selected by the Marduke agency.  She acts as the test subject for all experiments related to the E Project, such as Eva activation tests, etc.  She participated in actual battles as the dedicated pilot of Eva-00, and carried out numerous intercept operations against the Angels.

[Kouzou Fuyutsuki]
The Deputy Commander of Special Agency NERV.  Prior to Second Impact, he served as professor of Meta-Biology at the University of Kyoto.  This is also where he came to know Yui Ikari and Gendou Rokubungi.  Immediately following Second Impact he was in opposition to Gendou, but after their meeting at the U.N. Artificial Evolution Laboratories, he reversed his position and cooperated with Gendou.  He appears to have harbored more than a little affection towards Yui Ikari.  Birthdate: April 9th,  Blood type: AB

[Plug Suit]
The special clothing worn by Eva pilots.  It works to raise the synchronization rate and protect the body, etc.  This suit is molded as a single piece covering from neck to toe, and has a structure similar to a wet-suit.  Although rather loose immediately after it is put on, the suit adheres to the body by clicking on a switch on the wrist.

[Progressive Knife]
A close-quarters weapon which slices through objects it contacts at the molecular level using a blade formed of high-frequency vibrating particles.  One of the standard armaments for Eva, it is normally housed in the shoulder portion.  Eva-02 uses a new cutter-type knife -- even if the blade breaks off, a spare blade can be extended, making the knife usable again.  It is often called by its abbreviated form: Prog Knife.

A military vessel standing by on the subterranean lake inside the Geofront.  It features the high speed and sea-worthiness of a destroyer, and can be used for anti-submarine, anti-air and overseas patrol purposes.  Registered to NERV, the letters "NERV" can be seen printed on the broadsides of the ship.  In episode 25' "Air", it is destroyed by the battle between Eva-02 and JSSDF.

A general term for phenol resin, used for heat and electrical insulation.  The Bakelite used to stop Eva-00 when it went berserk during an experiment and also in the transport of Adam, etc., is a type of thermosetting resin which has the properties of super quick-drying concrete.  Since all physical motion of an object encased by this Bakelite can be brought to a halt, it is also used to prevent the further intrusion of the JSSDF into NERV HQ in episode 25' "Air".  On the other hand, the JSSDF also uses Bakelite to prevent physical contact between the Third Children and Eva-01.

[Medium (YORISHIRO)]
An object which attracts divine spirits (= souls) or which acts as a media through which these spirits manifest themselves.  In episode 26', Fuyutsuki refers to Eva-01 as a "Medium" (Well of Souls) when SEELE uses it to create the Tree of Life.

The giant crucified on a red cross in the depths of NERV HQ.  Its face is covered with a mask on which SEELE's coat of arms is painted, and its hands are bolted to the cross.  Although its lower body was missing while pierced by the Lance of Longinus, its lower body grew back as soon as the Lance was pulled out.  The Instrumentality Project originally planned to use Lilith, but the loss of the Lance caused SEELE to change the plan and attempt complementation using Eva-01 instead.  At that time, Keel Lorentz says that Eva-01 is "Lilith's clone", which apparently indicates that Eva-01 was made by copying Lilith.  Incidentally, rabbinical scripture states that Lilith (Lilit) was the first wife of Adam, and also that between Adam and Lilith were born demons and spirits.

The name used by Kaworu Nagisa to indicate humans.  According to legend, Lilin (also called "Lil-In") were the children born to Adam and his first wife Lilith.  After that, Lilith became a demon who attacked new-born babies and seduced men in their sleep to cause nocturnal emissions

[Lance of Longinus (RONGINUSU NO YARI)]
A giant spiral-shaped lance which is capable of piercing even an A.T.Field.  The tip of the Lance is split into two branches, but when thrown these two branches converge into one and penetrate the object.  The Lance was first used in the battle against the 15th Angel.  It destroyed the Angel in a satellite orbit, but the Lance then continued on to reach the Moon and became irretrievable.  However, it appears that the original use of the Lance is not as a weapon, but that it is a necessary item for Instrumentality (Complementation) using Lilith.  Incidentally, Longinus was the name of the soldier who used his lance to pierce Jesus as He was crucified on the cross.  This Lance is stored as a relic in the Cathedral of St. Augustine in Rome.

[Lance of Longinus (copy)]
Striking/piercing weapons used by the Eva series mass-production models.  Modeled on the Lance of Longinus, their shapes and lengths can change.  When penetrating an A.T.Field, the tip splits into two branches and twists through the field.  In episode 25', one of these Lances penetrates the A.T.Field of Eva-02 and puts an end to the valiantly fighting Eva unit.  Although these Lances cannot be used for Instrumentality (Complementation) involving Lilith, as a weapon they have almost the same ability as the original Lance.