[A^10 Nerve (A^10 Shinkei)]
The Evangelion are controlled mainly by linking with the cranial nerves of the pilot. Of these, the most important is this A^10 nerve. The human brain stem has four rows of neural nuclei running vertically along its center, and the two outside rows of this arrangement are called the A nerves. Counting from the bottom, the tenth nerve in these rows is the A^10 nerve. The A^10 nerve passes from the brain stem through the lower optic thalamus and is distributed to the sincipital portion of the cerebral cortex comprising most of the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes. It is associated with higher order brain functions such as memory, cognizance and the execution of movement, and with emotions such as anxiety, fear, happiness and pleasure. In addition, it is also said to play an important role in affection between parent and child, and between lovers.

[Angels (SHITO)]
The Angels are the beings which threaten humankind. Their English name is not APOSTLE (= SHITO), but ANGEL (= TENSHI). To be sure, Sachiel, Shamshel, Ramiel and the other names given to the Angels except for the 1st Angel Adam are all angel names. Further, just as the name of the 6th Angel which appeared from the ocean is that of "fish" angel, Gaghiel, and the name of the 10th Angel which plummeted down from satellite orbit is that of "sky" angel, Sahaquiel, the names of the Angels bear a mysterious symbolism with the attributes, place of initial confirmation, and conditions of appearance of each Angel. Unlike the style of the angels recorded in the Bible. which are generally believed to "have wings, wear white robes, and have an angelic halo about their heads," these Angels come in varying shapes and sizes including humanoid and animal-like forms, giving rise to the speculation that the Angels do not have a specific form, or are amorphous. Incidentally, in addition to the common meaning, ANGEL also has meanings such as harbinger/herald and servant of God.

[A.T. Field]
Abbreviation of ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD. An absolute domain and physical barrier that the Angels deploy around themselves. This field has enormous defensive power, and can almost completely repel humankind's current weaponry. The Evangelions' ability to neutralize A.T.Fields is a major reason why they were viewed as the only weapon capable of countering the Angels. The applications of the A.T.Field are not limited to just a barrier; this field also has the power to support a space (12th Angel Leliel), and can be used for mental/ psychic attacks (15th Angel Arael). The humanoid Angel Kaworu Nagisa who invaded Central Dogma said that the A.T.Field is "the barrier of the heart that everybody has."

[EVA Special Modified Positron Rifle - NERV Specifications

The super-long range positron rifle that Eva-01 used in the battle against the 5th Angel. It is actually a modified prototype self-propelled positron cannon commandeered from the JSSDF Technical Research Institute. This modification was quite rushed, as can be seen from the infinite startup and other specifications remaining from the self-propelled cannon stage. The EVA positron rifle -- toroidal accelerator 20x prototype had been completed at this time, but lacked sufficient performance for the Yashima strategy, and thus was not used. When executing the Yashima strategy, power supply throughout Japan was temporarily halted, and this massive amount of electrical power was used to generate and discharge a super-high bolt of energy in order to pierce the A.T.Field from super-long range. The second shot successfully pierced the Angel, directly striking its core. Incidentally, a positron cannon is a weapon that generates an extreme level of energy by accelerating and converging positrons using magnetic force, and then destroys the target with this energy. Also, the EVA positron rifle -- toroidal accelerator 20x prototype which was not used for the Yashima strategy was later used in the battle against the 7th Angel.

The liquid that fills the inside of the entry plug after the pilot is on-board. It is viscous in nature and smells like blood. After the pilot is on-board, this L.C.L is electrically charged to alter its molecular arrangement. This lets the L.C.L perform a number of functions such as mentally linking the pilot and the Eva and supplying oxygen directly to the lungs. In addition, the L.C.L also works to protect the pilot from mental attacks and physical shocks, giving it an image of amniotic fluid. The liquid that fills the lowest level of Terminal Dogma is this same L.C.L. It is unknown whether it has its own electrical charge. Incidentally, the widely circulated idea that L.C.L is the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid" is incorrect.

A super-computer equipped with a personality-transplant OS, developed by Dr. Naoko Akagi. MAGI could be considered the brain of Special Agency NERV, and it formulates, investigates and resolves various problems and plans, etc. In addition to NERV HQ, MAGI systems are also located in Germany, America, China, and in Matsushiro in Japan. (Of course, the original is installed in NERV HQ.) These systems are characteristic in that they recreate human dilemmas on a computer. MAGI is comprised of three computer systems: MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3, and a final decision is reached by these three computers conferring together. These three computers have the developer Naoko Akagi's thought patterns as a scientist, a mother, and a woman input to them. Incidentally, the name MAGI comes from the three wise men from the East who prophesied the birth of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. MELCHIOR, BALTHASAR and CASPER are also taken from the names of these wise men.

[N^2 Weapon (N^2 HEIKI)]
The weapon with the greatest destructive power of any possessed by the UN military, the JSSDF or other forces. Variations of this weapon include: N^2 mines, N^2 depth charges, N^2 air charges, N^2 bombs, etc. Although these weapons had some affect on the 3rd Angel Sachiel and the 7th Angel Israfel, serving to stop them for a time, the N^2 bomb used on the 14th Angel Zeruel had absolutely no effect, despite being detonated at point blank range.

[S^2 Engine (S^2 KIKAN)]
The abbreviation of SUPER SOLENOID engine. (A SOLENOID is a cylindrical coil which produces magnetic force inside it when current flows through the coil.) It is named after the S^2 theory advocated by Dr. Katsuragi which explained it. The S^2 engine is thought to be the source of power for the "Giant of Light" discovered in Antarctica, and the Angels appearing thereafter all contained a similar engine inside them. If the Evangelion is equipped with this engine, its calculable operational time limit increases to infinity. S^2 engine mounting tests were repeated in various locations, but this brought about the tragic result of the disappearance of the 2nd US NERV Branch. However, Eva-01 succeeded in acquiring an S^2 engine by a completely different means -- by directly devouring an Angel.

[S^2 Theory (S^2 RIRON)]
The abbreviation of SUPER SOLENOID theory. This theory was advocated by Dr. Katsuragi even before Second Impact. It was ridiculed as too far-fetched when first presented, but was verified even if by accident by the discovery of the 1st Angel Adam. The S^2 engines possessed by the Angels can be explained by this same theory. Incidentally, the proponent of the theory, Dr. Katsuragi, was leading a research team in Antarctica when Second Impact occurred, and thus died.

The first Angel to appear before humankind. Also called the 1st Angel, Adam was discovered in Antarctica. Second Impact is said to have been caused by contact with Adam. It is thought that Third Impact will be caused by contact between an Angel and Adam, who is believed to be confined in Terminal Dogma. However, this turned out to be false -- the underground giant was in fact Lilith. Incidentally, Gendou said that the embryo-like object transported by Kaji from Germany was "The first human -- Adam," but whether this is the same being as the 1st Angel is unclear. The book of Genesis in the Old Testament records that Adam was the first human to be created by God in His image. The etymology of the word "Adam" is currently unclear, but there are theories that it is related to "earth", "red" and "create". Furthermore, the Kaballah refers to the state of mentally/spiritually perfect humanity as Adam Kadomon, but the relation between this and Adam in the series is unclear.

[Armisael (16th Angel)]
The helix of light Angel. When discovered it was a double helix loop reminiscent of DNA floating in the sky. However, when it noticed Eva-00 which had been sent to intercept it, it broke the loop, changed to a solid line, and pierced Eva-00. This Angel infected Eva-00's living body parts while neutralizing its A.T.Field, and attempted physical merging, but the pilot of Eva-00, Rei Ayanami, used this strategy against it. Reversing her own A.T.Field, she caused Eva-00 to self-destruct and destroyed the Angel along with it.

[Arael (15th Angel)]
The bird-like Angel that appeared in satellite orbit. Its entire body was swathed in light, so it's form was unclear. Eva-02 deployed to intercept it, but the Angel irradiated Eva-02 with an energy beam of visible wavelength, and deployed a direct psychological attack on the psyche of the pilot. This energy beam was similar to an A.T.Field, but the details are unclear. Eva-00 tried to provide support by sniping with the positron rifle, but this had no effect on the Angel in satellite orbit. Thus, NERV decided to use the Lance of Longinus. Thrown by Eva-00, the Lance pierced and dispersed the Angel in satellite orbit.

[Umbilical Cable]
The cable by which Evangelion receives electric power supply from an external source. The Eva consume an enormous amount of electric power as activation energy, and can only operate for about 5 minutes on internal power supply. They require a continuous supply of electric power from an external source, and thus the umbilical cable is an essential supply unit for increasing the Eva's operation time. These cables are positioned in various locations throughout New Tokyo-3, and the Eva connect and reconnect the cables in accordance with transitions and movements in battle. Incidentally, "UMBILICAL CABLE (cord)" means the blood vessels which extend from baby's navel to the placenta of its mother's womb. Thus, like a baby receives nutrients through this umbilical cord, Evangelion receives electric power through the umbilical cable.

[Israfel (7th Angel)]
The Angel discovered while towing off the Kii Peninsula which displayed the special ability of fission. Fission refers to when a multi-celled organism splits its body into multiple parts. This Angel displayed this fission ability in its initial battle with the Evas, and the two parts successfully repelled Eva-01's and Eva-02's attacks. In addition, this Angel could also rejoin separated parts, and had fused back into its initially discovered form when it breached the Goura absolute defense perimeter. It achieved entry into New Tokyo-3, but was defeated by a coordinated two-point simultaneous mass attack on it's cores by Eva-01 and Eva-02.

[Ireul (11th Angel)]
The micro-machine-sized Angel which invaded the super-computer MAGI. After being discovered on the No. 87 protein wall, it multiplied at an explosive rate, and thereafter continued its encroachment inside the MAGI system. Although it exhibited a weakness to ozone when initially discovered, the Angel overcame this weakness in short order, and achieved even faster growth by then taking in this ozone. Smashing through the guard programs deployed by NERV one after another, the Angel reprogrammed MELCHIOR-1 and BATHASAR-2, and proposed self destruction upon the system. However, it did not succeed at reprogramming the remaining CASPER-3, and instead brought about its own death by an evolution accelerating program compiled by Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.

The formal name is "All-purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine - Evangelion" (HANYOU HITOGATA KESSEN HEIKI - JINZOU NINGEN EVANGERION). 14 years of time and an astronomical amount of money were used to build the Evangelion in order to protect humankind from the Angels. Construction was carried out secretly by Special Agency NERV, which was also entrusted with the Evas' operation. The Eva have the ability to both deploy and neutralize an A.T.Field, but the pilots are limited to 14-year old boys and girls who lack mothers. The Eva normally operate on electrical power supplied via a cable, but the Eva can also detach this cable in an emergency and operate using an internal battery. However, in this case operation is limited to about 5 minutes. Eva units 00 to 03 were deployed thus far, but Eva-00 and Eva-03 have already been lost. Incidentally, the name Evangelion is thought to derive from "Eva (Eve)", wife of Adam in the Old Testament, and "Evangel", the English word for "gospel".

[Entry plug]
The so-called cockpit in which the Eva pilot sits. It is shaped like a long, thin capsule, and the pilot boards the Eva by having this entry plug inserted into the spinal cord portion of the Eva. Incidentally, the human spinal cord comprises the central nervous system together with the brain; it acts as a relay for conveying sensory and motor stimuli between the brain and the extremities, and also governs reflex functions. In an emergency the entry plug also serves as an escape capsule, and is equipped with a parachute and ejection rockets for this purpose.

[Gaghiel (6th Angel)]
The Angel which attacked the UN fleet on the Pacific Ocean as it transported Eva-02 and its pilot. Specially adapted for underwater activity, its form resembled that of a fish. It sank fleet vessels one after another using the physical shocks created by its gigantic body measuring over 500 meters in length moving at high speed. It attacked approaching targets by opening its mouth and crushing them with its sharp teeth. It succeeded in dragging Eva-02 into the ocean, but was destroyed by a "zero-range attack into the Angel's mouth using the main guns of two warships," proposed by 1st Lieutenant (at the time) Misato Katsuragi.

An investigative agency of the Instrumentality Committee. Gehirn had branches around the world, and its initial members included Gendou and Yui Ikari and Naoko Akagi. However, its existence was not made public, and activities were normally carried out under the cover of the UN Artificial Evolution Laboratory and other fronts. Kouzou Fuyutsuki, Ritsuko Akagi and Misato Katsuragi also joined the organization later, and worked to promote the E Project and Instrumentality Project (HCP). Gehirn was disbanded the day after Dr. Naoko Akagi completed MAGI in 2010, and the organization was transferred in its entirety to Special Agency NERV, which was to carry out the various projects. "Gehirn" means "brain" in German, and it is of great interest that the organization was disbanded with the completion of MAGI, which is the "brain" of NERV.

The red sphere that is said to be the Angels' only weak point. Many of the earlier Angels had this core exposed, but later various protective measures were taken such as hiding the core inside them or deploying a protective shield, etc. This same red sphere was confirmed in the chest of Eva-01, but it is unclear whether one also exists in the other Eva. However, when selecting the Fourth Children, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi referred to Touji Suzuhara as "a child for whom a core can be prepared." This suggests the fact that NERV can "prepare" cores, and further that an individual core is prepared for each pilot.

[UN (Kokuren)]
The abbreviation of United Nations (KOKUSAI RENGOU). An organization of diverse nations established following WWII for the purpose of maintaining peace and safety, promoting friendly relations between nations, and achieving international cooperation on economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues. Formally established on October 24, 1945. The UN Artificial Evolution Laboratory, Special Agency NERV, and other organizations are under the jurisdiction of the UN, but in actuality the UN has almost no influence, and the operation of these agencies is determined by SEELE. The UN military was reorganized following the large-scale civil conflicts which erupted after Second Impact, and both the Eastern and Western Bloc militaries were placed under UN command. However, this force proved completely powerless in battles against the Angels.

[Third Impact]
A large-scale catastrophe predicted to follow Giant Impact and Second Impact. It was said that Third Impact would be caused by contact between Adam and an Angel, and would be of a scale that would annihilate humankind. Special Agency NERV and the Eva were officially explained as existing to prevent this Third Impact.

[Sachiel (3rd Angel)]
The first Angel to appear before humankind in the 15 years since Second Impact. Although humanoid in form, this Angel did not have a cranial portion like a human. It easily fended off the attacks of the UN military, thus demonstrating to humankind the high battle capability of the Angels. Its invasion was slowed by the detonation of an N^2 mine, but it recovered before long. It grew a new face-like portion, evolved into a second version, and renewed its invasion. However, the Third Children = Shinji Ikari, who arrived that same day, hastily boarded Eva-01 and was rushed into battle in New Tokyo-3. The Angel was defeated by Eva-01 after the Eva unit went berserk.

[Sahaquiel (10th Angel)]
The largest of all the Angels which was discovered in satellite orbit over the Indian Ocean. It deployed powerful jamming from a high altitude, thus blocking surface communications over a wide range. N^2 aerial charges were tested against the Angel, but with no effect, and the survey satellites were also destroyed by the Angel's A.T.Field. Furthermore, this Angel separated and dropped parts of itself from orbit. This was not bombing, but sighting measures, and after the Angel had fixed its aim, it ultimately fell itself in an attempt to inclusively annihilate New Tokyo-3. However, this intent was foiled by a strategy which might be considered a gamble -- having the three Eva units catch the falling Angel with their bare hands.

The production model Evangelion that was constructed at the 1st US NERV branch. Its coloring is dark blue. Fearful after the loss of the 2nd Branch, the US government hastily decided to transfer command of Eva-03 to Japan, and the unit was transported by air. However, it appears that during this transport Eva-03 allowed the intrusion of the 13th Angel Bardiel. After arriving in Japan, the Angel took control of the Eva unit during the activation test in Matsushiro, and Eva-03 was disposed of as an Angel by Eva-01. The Fourth Children = Touji Suzuhara, who was piloting the Eva at the time, suffered the loss of a part of his leg, but was otherwise rescued unharmed.

[Sandalphon (8th Angel)]
The Angel which was discovered in the Mt. Asama volcanic crater before completion -- that is to say, in pupal state. Its form as monitored by the observation unit -- a heat resistant bathyscaph -- closely resembled that of a human fetus. NERV decided to attempt the capture of this Angel. Special Order A-17 which included the freezing of current assets was issued, and the D-equipped Eva-02 dived into the magma. However, the Angel awoke during the recovery phase, evolved rapidly into a form resembling the extinct organism Anomarocalith, and escaped the electromagnetic cage. 1st Lieutenant (at the time) Misato Katsuragi, who was heading the capture strategy, immediately changed the objective to destruction of the Angel. The Angel was killed and melted away into the magma before the attack of Eva-02 which used thermal expansion.

A deep underground city spreading below New-Tokyo-3. This city was built in a giant cavity measuring 6 km in length and 0.9 km in height. However, this cavity was not constructed for the Geofront, but was actually a pre-existing giant spherical cavity which had been mostly filled with earth and sand. The reasons behind the existence and occurrence of this cavity are unclear. NERV HQ is located in the center of the Geofront, and is surrounded by forests and a subterranean lake. In addition, a group of many high-rise buildings extends downward from the ceiling, and is called the Ceiling City (TENJOU TOUSHI). These are the same buildings that stand in New-Tokyo-3, and are retracted underground during Angel attacks. Transportation from above ground to the Geofront uses car trains and monorails, etc.

[Dead Sea Scrolls (SHIKAI BUNSHO)]
Documents that SEELE seems to be using as its action plan. SEELE appears to have built the Evangelion and fought the battles against the Angels according to these "Dead Sea Scrolls" or "SEELE's scenario". It is unclear whether SEELE drew up its "scenario" as a set of plans based on these "Dead Sea Scrolls", or whether the two are one and the same. These same documents described the invading Angels and other information. SEELE's "Dead Sea Scrolls" are referred to within the organization as the "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls". Incidentally, the "Dead Sea Scrolls" actually exist. These documents were excavated from a cave near the Dead Sea in Israel in 1947, and their contents include the Old Testament of the Bible and its Apocrypha -- as well as other non-biblical religious documents. The relation between the actual "Dead Sea Scrolls" and SEELE's "Dead Sea Scrolls" is unclear.

[Angels (SHITO)]
Mysterious beings with super-scientific abilities. The enemy of humankind. They have various sizes from a giant object having a diameter of several tens of kilometers to minute micro-machine-class objects. In addition, each Angel has a different form and abilities, ranging from an octahedron to a "shadow" Angel without tangible form. Their true identity and purpose are unknown, but they all invade with the aim of (the giant sleeping underground) New Tokyo-3. The Angels are comprised of light-like matter which has the properties of both particles and waves, and although the constituent elements differ, their characteristic waveform patterns closely resemble human genes. According to SEELE's scenario, the Angel attacks appear to have ended with Kaworu Nagisa....

[Samshel (4th Angel)]
The 4th Angel which appeared shortly after the first Angel attack in 15 years. Its form resembled that of an insect, with a body similar to a carapace, a head portion having eye-like patterns, and 8 arthropodic legs folded up on its abdomen. In addition, it was confirmed to metamorphose into the trimorphic states of flight, battle and semi-flight depending on its purpose and surrounding conditions. This Angel came flying from over the ocean, and invaded New Tokyo-3 at super-low altitude. It battled the intercepting Eva-01, but ceased all activity when Eva-01's progressive knife pierced its core. The Angel was obtained with its original form mostly intact other than the core, and thus offered valuable research material that provided various data regarding the constituent materials and genetic configuration of the Angels, etc.

[Cross (Juujika)]
Many cross-like images are used in Evangelion: the explosions caused by the Angels, Misato's pendant, the stop signal plug inserted into the berserked EVA-00, the cross used to transport Eva-03, the pillar on which Lilith is crucified underground, etc. The cross is widely known as the symbol of Christianity, but before Christ it was nothing more than an implement of punishment used to bring about a painful death, and it was the death of Jesus Christ that transformed it into the embodiment of love and forgiveness and the symbol of self-sacrifice. However, in prehistoric times the cross was widely used to symbolize the sun, the heavens and the wind. So, is the meaning of the cross in Evangelion derived from Christ or from before Christ?

The second Eva unit built at NERV HQ after Eva-00, and the first Evangelion to be introduced to actual combat. Prior to initial activation it had been ridiculed as an "09" (oh nein) system because of its low start-up probability of less than 0.000000001%, but after activation it played a central role in numerous operations as the key to New Tokyo-3's defense. However, it also exhibits a number of unaccountable phenomena, such as going berserk, activating without an entry plug inserted, and remaining active after its operational time limit, etc. Further, during the battle against the 14th Angel, it devoured the Angel and thus directly obtained an S^2 engine. Purple in color, its dedicated pilot is the Third Children -- Shinji Ikari. Its use was prohibited by NERV Commander Gendou Ikari immediately following the battle with the 14th Angel, but it returned to the front lines from the battle against the 16th Angel.

[UN Artificial Evolution Laboratory (JINKOU SHINKA KENKYUUJO)]
A research facility established in Hakone under the auspices of the UN. This laboratory became the subject of public criticism with the accidental death of member Yui Ikari in 2004. The Chief of Research at that time was Yui's husband, Gendou Ikari. Naoko Akagi and Kouzou Fuyutsuki were also listed as members of this laboratory. As can be guessed from these members, this laboratory was actually a base for Gehirn's activities, and various projects including the theory and construction of MAGI, manufacture of Eva-00, and the Adam Regeneration Project were promoted therein.

[Instrumentality Project/Human Complementation Project (HCP)

Like the name implies, this is a project to complement humankind's wanting parts and achieve a "perfect existence". This project was being promoted under absolute secrecy by the Instrumentality Committee, SEELE and Gendou Ikari. Special Agency NERV and the Evangelion were actually organized and built for this project. Borrowing Misato's words, it is "a project to artificially evolve humankind, which has reached its limit as a colony of flawed and separate entities, into a perfect single being."

[Instrumentality Committee (JINRUI HOKAN IINKAI)]
An agency under the jurisdiction of the UN with Keel Lorentz as Chairman. It was established following Second Impact in order to promote the Instrumentality Project (HCP). Special Agency NERV acts as an organization under the direct control of this committee. In addition to the Chairman, the committee is comprised of four men from the US, France, England and Russia. It appears to be almost the same organization as SEELE.

A secret organization that appears to have been formed even before Second Impact,. It exerted considerable influence over the establishment of Special Agency NERV and promotion of the Instrumentality Project (HCP). It covered up the truth about Second Impact, and possesses power exceeding even that of sovereign nations and the UN. The Instrumentality Project (HCP) and other projects seem to have been carried out according to SEELE's scenario. Yui Ikari, who appears to have had some relation with SEELE since her University years, said that SEELE was an "organization for preventing Third Impact," but the details are unclear. [Translator's note: Yui said "the final tragedy", not "Third Impact".] Incidentally, "Seele" means "soul" in German. Further, the names of all the organizations that are related to SEELE, such as Gehirn and Nerv, are also derived from German.

A mysterious insignia consisting of seven eyes on an inverted triangle. This same pattern was painted on the mask that covers Lilith's face. It is probably related to Yahweh, the absolute God of the Old Testament who is said to have seven eyes. Incidentally, the number 7 is a special number in Christianity and the esoteric Kaballistic sect of Judaism (7 planets, 7 days to create the heavens and the earth, 7 orifices in the human head which is the center of a small universe, etc.), and is also an important number which means completeness. In addition, the number 7 also appears frequently in the Apocalypse of St. John in the New Testament, with 7 golden candelabra, seals, calamities, angels, and spirits.

[Second Impact]
The great calamity which befell humankind on September 13, 2000. The ensuing floods, volcanic eruptions and abnormal weather, and the civil conflicts which broke out thereafter, killed half the world's population. This was the greatest catastrophe since the collision of an asteroid with Earth 4 billion years ago (= Giant Impact), and was thus called Second Impact. Its cause was explained to the general populace as a massive meteorite falling on Markam Mountain in Antarctica. However, it was actually the result of SEELE and Gendou's attempt to minimize the damage by reducing the 1st Angel, Adam, to embryo form before the other Angels awakened. Second Impact brought about radical changes in the Earth's climate, causing Japan to lose her four seasons. The sounds of cicadas are constantly heard in the anime because Japan has a mid-summer climate all year round.

[Tree of Sephiroth (SEFIROTO NO KI)]
A symbolic figure in Kabbalism which appears in the opening film of Neon Genesis Evangelion and is also seen in Gendou Ikari's office. Kabbalism is an esoteric sect of Judaism centering around mystical interpretations of the "Torah" which is said to have been given to Moses by God. This figure is comprised of ten spheres linked by 22 paths, and can be interpreted in various ways: as a step-by-step diagram for meditation, a map leading to wisdom, or a prediction of humankind's future, etc. The ten spheres are called Sephira, and are attributed the virtues of Kæther (beatitude), Cochma (wisdom), Binah (understanding), Chesed (compassion), Ghebra (strictness), Tipheret (beauty), Nizah (victory), Hod (glory), Yesod (foundation) and Malcuth (kingdom).

[Zeruel (14th Angel)]
The first Angel to achieve entry into NERV HQ. Despite its heavy, bovine appearance, its movement is quick. It thrusts its ribbon-like arms extending from below its shoulders to sever the target. In addition, the light rays emitted from its skull portion were powerful enough to pierce 18 of the special armored bulkheads isolating the Geofront from above ground with a single blow. It was also strong defensively, and the volleys fired by Eva-02 with various weapons had absolutely no effect. Furthermore, even the explosion of an N^2 bomb at close quarters to its core was neutralized by the deployment of a cover over the core. This Angel eliminated the intercepting Eva-02 and Eva-00, invaded NERV HQ, and succeeded in destroying the 1st Command Center. However, it was devoured by Eva-01 which returned to the front lines and went berserk.

[Central Dogma]
A huge underground area stretching for 7 km directly below NERV HQ. It is partitioned by multiple bulkheads, and its lowermost level -- Terminal Dogma -- contains a sea of L.C.L and the crucified Lilith. Incidentally, the naming Central Dogma comes from biology. Once the genetic information transmitted from DNA -> RNA -> protein has been reflected to the protein, it is not transmitted further to nucleic acids or other proteins. This flow of genetic information is referred to as "Central Dogma".

[Japan Strategic Self Defense Force (SENRYAKU JIEITAI)]
An organization under the direct command of Japan's Defense Ministry, which was established due to military clashes between China and Vietnam over the Spratleys in 2003. All the ground, naval and air divisions of the original Japan Self Defense Force had already been incorporated into the UN Military, and the JSSDF could be considered the sole military force under the direct command of the Japanese government. It consists of foot soldiers, tanks, aircraft, and other units which place it on the same level as a conventional military, but it is suited for anti-personnel warfare such as urban occupation and mopping-up operations rather than for intercepting the Angels. It is also equipped with N^2 and BC (Bio-Chemical) weapons, and its military force is not to be underestimated. The English name is "JAPAN STRATEGIC SELF DEFENSE FORCE", and it is often abbreviated as JSSDF (SENJI).

[Terminal Dogma]
The area located on the lowermost level of Central Dogma. It is a peculiar space, filled with L.C.L from which numerous salt pillars rise in random locations. Inside the Dogma is a door called "Heaven's Door", and Lilith is confined behind this door -- crucified on a red cross. Even among NERV personnel, entry is permitted only for a very small group of people including the Commander and Deputy Commander. This area was probably the objective of the Angel invasions. Although Angel intrusion was prevented for a long time, the area was finally penetrated by a humanoid Angel = Kaworu Nagisa.

[2nd Angel (DAINI NO SHITO)]
The details are unclear, but from the naming it is thought to have been confirmed some time between the appearance of the 1st Angel Adam and the 3rd Angel Sachiel. In view of the fact that Sachiel was the first Angel to appear before Humankind in 15 years, it was probably discovered around the same time as Adam. There are theories which place Lilith, confined in the depths of Terminal Dogma, as the 2nd Angel, but the truth is unknown.

[New Tokyo-2]
The city built in the former Nagano Prefecture as the new capital city of Japan to replace the old Tokyo, which was obliterated by Second Impact and a new type of bomb dropped just one week thereafter. The Provisional Government of Japan, having abandoned the idea of reconstructing old Tokyo, commenced construction in 2001, and the city had acquired most of the necessary functions for a capital by 2003. According to the Second Capital Relocation Plan approved in 2005, it was planned that the capital would be moved to New Tokyo-3, which was still under construction at the time. A number of NERV facilities are clustered in Matsushiro, located adjacent to New Tokyo-2, including a MAGI system and test facilities, etc.

The city being constructed as the new capital city of Japan to replace New Tokyo-2. However, it is actually a fortified city dedicated to intercepting the Angels. Most of the buildings clustered in the center of the city are Eva support facilities called armament buildings, and numerous intercepting weapons installations are also positioned around the city. Underground the city lies the expansive Geofront (deep underground city), at the center of which is also located the headquarters of Special Agency NERV. Although a small portion of the people living in New Tokyo-3 were residents of the area before the city was constructed, most of the population is related to NERV in some form or other. However, the repeated Angel attacks caused a considerable number of people to leave the city. The city was largely destroyed by the explosion caused by EVA-00 in the battle against the 16th Angel.

[New-Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School]
The junior high school located in New Tokyo-3 which is attended by Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari and Sohryu Asuka Langley. These three are all enrolled in Class 2-A, but this is because all the members of Class 2-A were candidates for Children. Touji Suzuhara, also a member of this class, was selected as the Fourth Children with the transfer of command of Eva-03 to Japan. This junior high school is referred to as "code 707" within NERV. It is nestled in the foothills near Gate No. 20 in order to facilitate Evangelion sorties.

[Dummy Plug]
A mock entry plug developed to achieve unmanned operation of the Eva. The personality of the First Children = Rei Ayanami is transplanted to the dummy plugs. Digitization of the soul is impossible, so the dummy plug is merely a "fake" which simulates thought patterns. However, it is extremely useful for the Evangelion which, due to the limited nature of the pilots, is lacking as an all-purpose weapon. Incidentally, the Eva series units from Eva-05 onward use dummy plugs into which the personality of Kaworu Nagisa has been transplanted.

[Dummy System]
A system designed to simulate the thought patterns of the pilot and thus trick the Eva into thinking that the pilot is synchronizing. The system used in Eva-01 imitated the personality of Rei Ayanami. This system was first released by order of NERV Commander Gendou Ikari in the battle against the 13th Angel. However, the Eva's behavior at that time did not resemble Rei's piloting in the least, and instead appeared to be a berserked state. It seems that only simple commands can be given such as to commence attack, etc.

Individuals qualified to pilot the Eva. They are limited to 14-year old boys and girls who lack mothers. These pilots are all called "Children" (qualified persons), and are identified as First, Second and so on according to the order of their selection. Of these, the First (Rei Ayanami) and Third (Shinji Ikari) Children have extremely similar personal patterns, and Eva crossover tests are also performed between the two. The candidates for Children are gathered in the New-Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School, and all members of Class 2-A are in fact candidates. It is not clear why the plural form (CHILDREN) is used instead of the singular form (CHILD). Incidentally, the word CHILD also has various additional meanings such as: embryo, fetus, descendant, product, and even a person who has emerged from a special environment.

A supra-legal organization under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. It is responsible for investigating, researching and destroying the Angels in order to prevent Third Impact. However, its true purpose was actually to promote the Instrumentality Project (HCP). It was organized in 2010 by transferring Gehirn, which was an investigative agency of the Instrumentality Committee, in its entirety to a new body. Its headquarters are located in New-Tokyo-3 -- the fortified city built with the aim of intercepting the Angels -- and it possesses multiple Evangelion units, giving it formidable military force. The details of NERV's true identity are obscured not only from the general populace, but also from the people working inside the organization. The Commander is Gendou Ikari, and the Deputy Commander is Kouzou Fuyutsuki. It is an international organization with branches in Germany, the US and other locations. Incidentally, "Nerv" is the German word for "nerve".

[Kaworu Nagisa]
The Fifth Children who was sent directly from the Instrumentality Committee. His past history has been deleted, but the records list his birthdate as September 13th, 2000 AD -- the same day as Second Impact. However, his true identity was that of a humanoid Angel. After participating in tests as the Fifth Children, he commandeered Eva-02 and achieved entry into Central Dogma. However, he was crushed to death inside Terminal Dogma by the pursuing Eva-01. Incidentally, the name "KAWORU" was written on the dummy plugs prepared by SEELE which were used in the Eva series from Eva-05 onward.

This unit was designed and the components were manufactured in Japan, but the final assembly and activation tests were carried out in Germany. It is the EVA PRODUCTION (RYOUSAN) model built in view of the apparent degree of completion of Eva-01. It is the first Eva to be built on the assumption of actual combat, and has various improved equipment such as its progressive knife. It first experienced actual combat when it battled the 6th Angel on the Pacific Ocean, and was thereafter stationed at NERV HQ and committed to the defense of New-Tokyo-3 in the capacity of intercepting the Angels. Its dedicated pilot was the Second Children = Sohryu Asuka Langley, but her falling sync rate made her unable to pilot it. It is currently without a pilot. It's coloring is red.

[NERV's Mark]
Special Agency NERV has a mark which consists of three parts. The first of these is the organization name, "NERV". Written below that are the words, "God is in his heaven. All's right with the world," a phrase taken from "Pippa Passes", written by 19th century poet Robert Browning. The third part is the figure of a fig leaf. It hardly needs be said that the fig leaf symbolizes the original sin entangling Adam and Eve. It is unclear why NERV's mark uses only half of a fig leaf.

[Command Center (HATSUREISHO)]
The hub of NERV during tactical operations, located inside the Main Tactics Room of NERV HQ. Its form brings to mind the image of the bridge of a military vessel. During tactical operations, seven staff including Commander, Gendou Ikari, Deputy Commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki, E Project Chief Dr. Ritsuko Akagi and Operations Chief Misato Katsuragi assemble here. The MAGI system is installed in the three sub-command centers located below the command center. The 1st Command Center was destroyed by the intrusion of the 14th Angel, so the 2nd Command Center is currently in use. The structures of the 1st and 2nd Command Centers are the same.

[Bardiel (13th Angel)]
The sticky fungus-like Angel that invaded EVA-03 during air transport from the US to Japan. It revealed itself during the initial activation test in Matsushiro, and merged with Eva-03. Combat Commander Major (at the time) Misato Katsuragi and E Project Chief Dr. Ritsuko Akagi sustained injuries at this time, so NERV Commander Gendou Ikari took personal command of intercepting the Angel. The Angel which had merged with Eva-03 showed a proficiency in battle which outstripped that of Eva-00 and Eva-02. In addition to extending arms, incredible strength, and unexpected movements, it also attempted to invade Eva-00. (The risk of infection of Eva-00 was evaded by the drastic measure of severing its arm portion.) However, it was destroyed by Eva-01 which was activated using the dummy system.

[Giant of Light (HIKARI NO KYOUJIN)]
The giant humanoid object that was confirmed during Second Impact. It is thought to be the 1st Angel, Adam. Swathed entirely in light, its actual figure is unclear, but its form closely resembles that of the Evangelion. In addition, a dark circle which is thought to be a core can be seen in its chest portion.

[Progressive Knife]
A close-quarters weapon that is one of the standard armaments for the Evangelion. Normally housed in the shoulder portion, it is ejected and used according to the battle conditions. It is generally called "prog knife". In contrast to a normal knife which cuts through objects by means of high hardness and sharpness, the prog knife slices through materials it contacts by separating them at the molecular level using a blade formed of high-frequency vibrating particles. Eva-02 and subsequent units use a new cutter-type knife -- even if the blade breaks off, a spare blade can be extended, making the knife usable again.

[Plug Suit]
The special clothing worn by Eva pilots which works to raise the synchronization rate. When boarding Eva, the pilots generally put on this suit and attach interface headsets to their heads. This suit is molded as a single piece covering from neck to toe, and has a structure similar to a wet-suit. Although rather loose immediately after it is put on, clicking on a switch on the wrist adheres the suit to the body and allows easy movement. Various information can also be obtained from a hand monitor display on the back of the hand. There are various types (D-type, etc.) depending on the operation.

[Armament Building (HEISO BIRU)]
The group of Eva support structures disguised as buildings and standing clustered in New Tokyo-3. These buildings have various applications such as intercepting rocket launchers, power supply sockets, weapons storehouses, and Eva launch and recovery gates, but they are all used to assist the Eva and thus in a broad sense to defeat the Angels. These armament buildings are given the same appearance as normal buildings in order to hide their existence. This includes hiding them from civilians as well as the Angels.

A general term for phenol resin, used for heat and electrical insulation. The special Bakelite used to stop Eva-00 when it went berserk during an experiment is a type of thermosetting resin. Having the properties of super quick-drying concrete, this resin can stop all physical motion of objects it encases. The "first human -- Adam," which Kaji transported to NERV HQ, was also encased in this special Bakelite.

[Matriel (9th Angel)]
The spider-like Angel with four arthropodic legs. Nine eye-like patterns were visible on the underside of its main body, but these did not appear to be directly related to sight. Furthermore, the pattern in the center emitted a powerful solvent. This Angel came ashore from the former Atami area, but all of New Tokyo-3 including NERV HQ suffered a power failure at that time, so the Angel was able to enter the city without resistance. However, it was destroyed by a cooperative attack between Eva-00, Eva-01 and Eva-02, which had been launched manually.

[Marduke Agency (KIKAN)]
An advisory agency under the direct control of the Instrumentality Committee which was established for the purpose of selecting the Children, that is to say the Eva pilots. This agency selected Rei Ayanami (First Children), Sohryu Asuka Langley (Second Children), Shinji Ikari (Third Children) and Touji Suzuhara (Fourth Children). However, it was really a dummy agency without actual form, and the Children were selected by NERV itself. Incidentally, the name Marduke appears in Babylonian mythology, and there are over 50 deities to which this name is given. The Marduke Agency used not 50, but 108 dummy companies.

[Yashima Strategy (YASHIMA SAKUSEN)]
The strategy proposed by NERV Operations Chief 1st Lieutenant (at the time) Misato Katsuragi in order to defeat the 5th Angel Ramiel. This strategy aimed to sharpshoot the Angel's core from super-long range -- outside the range of the Angel, which had a long range particle beam accelerator and a powerful A.T.Field. In order to pierce the A.T.Field without neutralizing it, a prototype self-propelled positron cannon was commandeered from the JSSDF Technical Research Institute, and a shot concentrating all the electrical power in Japan succeeded in destroying the Angel. Incidentally, this strategy comes from a legend in which Nasuno Yoichi shot an arrow from horseback which pierced a fan on a ship during the Battle of Yashima in 1185. Because this strategy also gathered electric power from throughout Japan, it also includes the meaning of Yashuu Strategy (in ancient times Japan was referred to as "Yashuu" [8 states/countries]).

[Ramiel (5th Angel)]
The octahedral Angel. It possessed a strong A.T.Field and a long range and powerful particle beam accelerator. Its combat capacity was high enough to make NERV Operations Chief 1st Lieutenant (at the time) Misato Katsuragi call it a "flying fortress". It invaded New Tokyo-3 from the direction of Lake Ashinoko, and closed in upon NERV HQ with a giant shield bit extended from its lowermost corner which exhibited superior penetrating ability even at low speeds. In response, NERV committed both Eva-01 and Eva-00 to battle. Commandeering a prototype self-propelled positron cannon which was still under development from the JSSDF Technical Research Institute, NERV deployed the Yashima Strategy which aimed to directly sharpshoot the Angel's core from super-long range. The two sides entered into battle near Mt. Futagoyama, and although Ramiel's powerful particle beam accelerator caused great damage to Eva-00, Eva-01's second shot ended the battle with a victory for NERV.

[Evangelion Mass-Production Models (Eva Series) (RYOUSANKI)]
The Eva units which were built outside NERV HQ. Nine units were completed from Eva-05 to Eva-13, and their command rests with SEELE. Their bodies are all the same color and form, and they are activated by dummy plugs. These plugs bear the name "KAWORU", and appear to have the personality of the Fifth Children = Kaworu Nagisa transplanted to them. They are equipped with S^2 Engines, and thus do not need umbilical cables. They have collapsible wings on their backs, and are armed with flat board-like Lances. Their coloring is white.

The giant crucified on a red cross underground NERV HQ. Its form resembles that of a human, but there is only the upper half of its body, and its lower body is missing. It is not known if the lower half was lost or if it originally did not exist. Its abdomen has a number of globular tissue formations, and what looks like the lower halves of many human bodies can be seen growing out from these bulbs. Its face is covered with a mask on which SEELE's coat of arms is painted, and its hands are bolted to the cross. According to SEELE, it seems that human complementation originally planned to use Lilith, and Eva-01 is also said to be the clone of Lilith. Incidentally, rabbinical scripture states that Lilith (Lilit) was the first wife of Adam, and also that between Adam and Lilith were born demons and spirits.

The name used by Kaworu Nagisa to indicate humankind. According to legend, Lilin was the name given to the children -- demons -- born between Adam and his first wife Lilith. These demons are also known as "Lil-In". It is also said that (Lilith) attacked newborn babies and seduced men in their sleep to cause nocturnal emissions

The world's first Evangelion to be developed and built. Most of the tests, data collection and other work related to Eva were performed using this Eva-00, and it bears the strong tone of an experimental and prototype model. Possibly because it was not built on the assumption of actual combat, its shoulder portions and other parts were simple compared to the other Eva from Eva-01 onward, and it did not support various equipment. It was committed to actual combat during the battle against the 5th Angel, but sustained great damage during this same battle. Thereafter it was modified and reintroduced during the battle against the 9th Angel. Its dedicated pilot is Rei Ayanami. Its coloring was yellow, but after modification it was changed to blue. It was destroyed in the battle against the 16th Angel.

[Leliel (12th Angel)]
The Angel with the intricate real and virtual images which appeared suddenly inside New Tokyo-3. The sphere floating in the air was a "shadow" without real form -- a mere illusion -- and the Angel's real form was that of the shadow which spread below it. This ultra-thin space only 3 nanometers thick was supported by an inwardly-facing A.T.Field, and its interior was an imaginary space called Dirac's Ocean (Sea of Dirac) which led to a different universe. As NERV moved to intercept the Angel upon reports of its discovery, the initial operation was deployed on the mistaken assumption that the "shadow" floating in the air was the Angel's real body, and Eva-01 suffered the plight of being taken into the Angel. NERV transferred command of the operation from 1st Lieutenant (at the time) Katsuragi to Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, and planned the forced salvage of Eva-01. However, just before execution of the salvage operation, Eva-01 ripped apart the Angel's shadow and escaped by itself. The Angel was shattered by the damage at this time.

[Lance of Longinus (RONGINUSU NO YARI)]
The giant spiral-shaped lance which is stuck into the chest of Lilith in the depths of Terminal Dogma. It is an indispensable item for Instrumentality (Complementation) using Lilith, and appears to have originally been at the South Pole. The tip of the Lance is split into two branches, but when thrown these two branches converge into one and penetrate the object. The Lance was used in actual battle against the 15th Angel. NERV Commander Gendou Ikari instructed that the Lance be used to destroy the Angel which was attacking from a satellite orbit. Thrown by Eva-00, the Lance destroyed the Angel, but then continued on to reach the Moon and became irretrievable. Incidentally, Longinus was the name of the soldier who pierced Jesus with his lance as He was crucified on the cross.