Kohzou Fuyutsuki, a professor at Kyoto University, meets Yui Ikari, a student at that same university.

Gendou Rokubungi calls on Fuyutsuki, whom he has never met, to be his guarantor. Fuyutsuki's first impression of Gendou was that of a "disagreeable fellow".

In the autumn of this year, Fuyutsuki is informed by Yui that she is seeing Gendou. Yui refers to Gendou as a "cute/sweet person".


September 13 -- The date of Second Impact, the greatest calamity to strike since the appearance of humankind. The Antarctic ice cap melted in an instant, causing sea levels to rise and wash over the populated surface of the earth, and the shifting of the Earth's axis wreaked havoc on the ecosystem. These cataclysms were further compounded by humans themselves as civil conflicts broke out on a global scale, reducing the human population by half and creating a spectacle that could only be described as "Apocalyptic".

The Katsuragi survey team, including Dr. Katsuragi himself, was in Antarctica at the time of Second Impact, and was totally wiped out. The sole survivor was Dr. Katsuragi's daughter, Misato, who lapsed into a prolonged state of agnosia (loss of speech) from the shock of the incident. However, Gendou, who had also participated in this survey team, left Antarctica taking with him various materials the day before Second Impact, and was thus spared from the disaster.


Yui and Gendou Ikari have their first child, Shinji. Had the child been a girl, Gendou intended to name her "Rei".


Gendou and Fuyutsuki head toward the South Pole as part of a formal investigation of Second Impact. During this voyage, Fuyutsuki is informed by Gendou that he and Yui have married and have had a child.

The threads linking Second Impact with the Giant of Light, SEELE and Gendou change Fuyutsuki's suspicions into conviction, and he starts to pry into the mysteries behind the manipulated information...


Fuyutsuki, through his independent research, draws closer to a massive deception surrounding Second Impact, at the fore of which is Gendou Ikari, Chief of Research at the U.N. Artificial Evolution Laboratories (AEL). When Fuyutsuki visits the AEL and threatens Gendou with a public exposé of the truth, Gendou guides Fuyutsuki to Central Dogma -- a gigantic cavity sprawling deep underground the Laboratories. There Fuyutsuki meets Dr. Naoko Akagi, a foremost authority on bio-computers, who calls their organization "Gehirn". Standing before the incomplete EVA-00, Gendou tempts Fuyutsuki, saying, "Won't you create a new future for humankind together with me?" After careful consideration, Fuyutsuki accepts Gendou's offer...


Yui Ikari disappears during an experiment in the Hakone 2nd Underground Laboratory -- the accident occurring before the very eyes of her son, Shinji. Immediately thereafter Gendou goes mising -- causing Fuyutsuki great concern at the absence of a commander for a week. The details of this blank are unclear, but upon his return Gendou tells Fuyutsuki that he has recommended the "Instrumentality Project (HCP)" and the "Adam Project". Naoko Akagi afterwards described Gendou as having "changed" from that point.

Around this time Gendou places Shinji in the custody of an acquaintance. Thereafter Shinji lives apart from his father until 2015.


The passage of 5 years has helped Misato to recover (although not fully) from her agnosia. She makes friends with two people at Tokyo-2 University, located in New Tokyo-2 in Nagano Prefecture. The first is Ritsuko Akagi, daughter of the renowned Dr. Naoko Akagi, and later Chief of the E Project. The other is Ryohji Kaji, a man who reminds her of her father. Misato falls in love with Kaji, and the two start living together.

Sohryu Asuka Langley is selected as the Second Children. On that same day, Asuka's mother, Sohryu Kyouko Zeppelin, who had suffered mental collapse some time before, hangs herself.


Misato and Kaji separate. The cause was inside Misato's heart -- Kaji resembled her father too much.


Dr. Akagi completes the basic theory for the bio-computer MAGI. The acquisition of MAGI promises further progress for Gendou's plans.

Upon graduating from university, Ritsuko joins Gehirn and is assigned to the E Project -- the same post as her mother. However, there Ritsuko learns a bitter truth -- that her mother and Gendou are having a relationship.


Misato Katsuragi joins Gehirn and is stationed at the German 3rd Branch.


Rei Ayanami (the 1st) visits Gehirn. Gendou, who is accompanying her, explains that she is the child of an acquaintance.

MAGI is completed through the efforts of Dr. Naoko Akagi. That same night, Naoko learns from Rei that she is merely a tool for achieving Gendou's plans. In a rage of passion, she strangles Rei and then throws herself from the Command Center and dies.

The next day SEELE decides to disband Gehirn, which was an investigative agency under the Instrumentality Committee. The organization is moved in its entirety to a new organization -- Special Agency NERV -- which is charged with carrying out all the Projects. Thus SEELE's plans enter a new phase.


On the 8th anniversary of Yui's death, Shinji visits his mother's grave together with his father, Gendou, but runs away from a grave where there is no body.


Rei Ayanami (the 2nd) transfers to the New Tokyo-3 1st Municipal Junior High School.


Summoned by his father, Shinji Ikari comes to New Tokyo-3. On that same day, an Angel attacks -- the first in 15 years. This is the third Angel that humankind has encountered, and is thus labeled the 3rd Angel. Shinji is hastily placed inside the robot Evangelion-01 to defend New Tokyo-3, and narrowly defeats the Angel, thus demonstrating his abilities in his first battle.

The Angel invasions continue thereafter, and are countered by NERV, who commits EVA-00 (pilot: First Children = Rei Ayanami) and EVA-02 (pilot: Second Children = Sohryu Asuka Langley) to battle. Around the time of EVA-02's introduction, Ryohji Kaji of NERV's Special Inspections Division also comes to Japan, and brings with him "Adam" to NERV HQ.

The 2nd US NERV Branch disappears. The cause is surmised to be an accident during tests to mount an S^2 engine in EVA-04. Afraid of a similar incident, the US decides to air-transport EVA-03 from the 1st US Branch to Japan. The new Fouth Children = Touji Suzuhara is selected as the pilot of EVA-03. During the initial activation test, however, EVA-03 permits the invasion of an Angel, and is dealt with as an Angel by EVA-01. After this incident, EVA-01 pilot Shinji Ikari, rebelling against his father's command of the battle, takes personal control of Eva-01 and threatens his father. However, this attempt ends in failure. The Third Children's registration is temporarily erased, but the subsequent invasion of the 14th Angel into NERV HQ causes Shinji to return to the front lines, and he defeats the Angel. EVA-01 goes berserk during this battle, and devours the 14th Angel, thus acquiring an S^2 engine.

Kaji, who was secretly investigating NERV under orders from SEELE, is shot and killed.

EVA-00 uses the Lance of Longinus in the battle against the 15th Angel. This succeeds in destroying the Angel, but the Lance continues on to reach the moon and becomes irretrievable.

EVA-00 self-destructs in an attempt to eliminate the 16th Angel. The pilot Rei Ayanami (the 2nd) is also killed in the explosion. Rei Ayanami (the 3rd) becomes active.

E Project Chief Ritsuko Akagi betrays NERV and destroys all the Rei Ayanami bodies except for the one currently active. The cause was a breakdown in her relationship with Commander Gendou Ikari.

Asuka runs away. She is found before long, but is no longer able to pilot Eva. The Fifth Children = Kaworu Nagisa arrives from the Instrumentality Committee as a replacement for Asuka, but his true identity is that of a humanoid Angel. Kaworu achieves entry into Terminal Dogma, but the feared Third Impact does not occur, and he is crushed to death by the pursuing EVA-01.