Ultimate enemy is man The fate of destruction is

The Promised Time 13 EVA units also the joy of rebirth

Sadly, we had to reject each other...         Stop medication

"Give my regards to Yui"     12,000 plates of special armor

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 The TV anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" aired from October 1995 to March 1996. The planning, original story and production were done by GAINAX, which was known for anime works such as "Wings of Honneamise (Royal Space Force)", "Gunbuster" and "Fushigi no Umi no Nadia (Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water)".

The series featured attractive SF settings, dynamic battle scenes, a pedantic flavor from incorporating Christian motifs and psychoanalytical jargon into a dramatic work, and a super-intensive amount of information. Evangelion exceeded the bounds of conventional anime on all these counts, making it truly worthy of the title "Neon Genesis". The series enjoyed the enthusiastic support of numerous fans, and also spawned discussions on various topics.

 The TV series ended in a manner that could be considered incomplete. This became an intense issue, and by that meaning could be said to have spurred on Evangelion's popularity. The voice of the fans grew stronger and stronger as they demanded a proper ending to the drama, explanations of the mysteries, or even a new story. In order to meet these expectations, a cinema edition was planned -- this is "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH".

 This movie consists of two parts: "DEATH" and "REBIRTH. "DEATH" is a re-edit of the TV series from episodes 1 through 24, that is to say the contents from the start of the story to just before the climax, together with a large number of new cuts.

"REBIRTH" is Part 1 of the "Conclusion" which retells TV episodes 25 and 26 as a new story. Evangelion will conclude by showing this Part 1 together with Part 2 of the Cinema Edition which is scheduled for release this summer.

 The chief director of "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH" is Hideaki Anno, and the directors are Masayuki and Kazuya Tsurumaki. The movie was produced by GAINAX and the group of tight-knit staff that supported the TV series. The animation production was handled by PRODUCTION I.G.

A difference in power of 1 to 5

To unite God, humans, and all other life forms in death.

Danang Type-B defense screen The 18th

A Rite of Passage                                               Humans who gave up human form   Ange