Ayanami Rei

The First Children, and dedicated pilot of EVA-00. She received training for this purpose from the early stages of EVA development. A girl of few words, she rarely shows emotion. She died in an explosion during the battle against the 16th Angel Armisael, but afterwards another Rei appeared in NERV HQ. It seems that Rei was not a normal person, but instead a "manufactured being" with an endless supply of bodies.

Her birth date and blood type are unknown.

Sohryu Asuka Langley

The Second Children, and dedicated pilot of EVA-02. She is one quarter Japanese and German, but her nationality is American. In contrast to Shinji and Rei, she is a bright and active young girl. She hates to lose, and is full of pride. As the battles against the Angels continue, she gradually loses her self-confidence as a pilot, becoming both mentally and physically exhausted.

Birthdate: December 4, Blood type: A, Age: 14

Nagisa Kaworu

The Fifth Children who was sent by SEELE to replace Asuka after she was stripped of her qualification to pilot Eva. He surprised the NERV staff by recording an abnormally high sync ratio. He sought active contact with Shinji as a friend, but his true identity was that of the final Angel.

His birthdate is given as September 13, 2000 -- the same date as Second Impact.

Akagi Ritsuko

A scientist in charge of Eva development, and also entrusted with the administration and operation of the MAGI super-computer system. An intellectual and realistic woman, she sometimes makes callous decisions regarding work. She has been friends with Misato and Kaji since their university years. Like her mother, she was Gendou's lover.

Birthdate: November 21, Blood type: B, Age: 30

Kaji Ryohji

A double spy working simultaneously for the Special Inspections Division of NERV and the Investigations Department of the Japanese Government Ministry of Internal Affairs. Normally casual and indirect, he rarely shows his true colors. He understands Shinji and Misato, and occasionally offers them advice.

Birthdate: June 17, Blood type: A

Katsuragi Misato

Chief of Operations at NERV, and the direct superior of Shinji and the other pilots. Her rank is Major. She lives with Shinji, and acts as his guardian. During strategic operations she is a bold and daring commander, but normally she is a cheerful optimist who looks after Shinji and the other pilots in the capacity of an older sister. However, she also carries about a past of losing her father due to an Angel, and thus joined NERV to take her revenge on the Angels.

Birthdate: December 8, Blood type: A, Age: 29

Ikari Shinji

The protagonist of this story. The Third Children, and dedicated pilot of EVA-01. Shinji is an introverted young boy who is awkward at communicating with other people, and harbors doubts as to the value of his own existence. Ordered by his father from whom he had lived apart for over ten years, he piloted EVA-01 and fought against the Angels. He continues to search for his place in life amidst the fierce battles with the Angels.

Birthdate: June 6, Blood type: A, Age: 14

Ikari Gendou

Shinji's father. Gendou is in charge of the Instrumentality Project (HCP), and is also Supreme Commander of Special Agency NERV. He appears cold-blooded and ruthless -- capable of doing anything to achieve his aims -- but there are many mysteries surrounding his conduct.

Birthdate: April 29, Blood type: A, Age: 48

Fuyutsuki Kohzou

Deputy Commander of NERV. Although he is about 10 years Gendou's senior, he serves as an advisor to Gendou while maintaining an equal relationship. He is currently a member of NERV as a willing collaborator with Gendou, but his true intentions are unknown.

Birthdate: April 9th, Blood type: AB

Hyuga Makoto

Second Lieutenant assigned to the First Section of the Operations Bureau in NERV HQ Central Operations Command. He is subordinate to Misato, and is generally responsible for assisting the formulation of strategies, as well as analysis of combat situations and performance of operator duties in the Command Center. He has an easy-going personality, and appears to harbor some affection toward Misato.

Birthdate: February 13th, Blood type: B

Ibuki Maya

Second Lieutenant assigned to the First Section of the Technology Bureau in NERV HQ. She serves as direct assistant to Ritsuko in the development of Eva. She is serious in character, but also a little fastidious. She expresses disapproval toward the dummy plug system and other inhumane projects.

Birthdate: July 11, Blood type: A, Age: 24

Aoba Shigeru

An operator (rank: lieutenant) assigned to the Central Operations Room in NERV HQ. His responsibilities include communications and data analysis. His likes to play the guitar, but is not very talkative.

Birthdate: May 5, Blood type: A

Suzuhara Touji

Shinji's classmate. An athletic type who is always wearing exercise clothing. Hot-blooded yet righteous in character, he is one of Shinji's few friends. He piloted EVA-03 as the Fifth Children, but EVA-03 was taken over by the 13th Angel Bardiel, and he sustained serious injuries in the ensuing battle.

Birthdate: December 26, Blood type: B

Aida Kensuke

Shinji's classmate. Sociable and a good communicator. He is always with Touji, and is a rational type who acts as a restraint to Touji's emotional tendencies. He is a military and video otaku, and dreams of becoming an Eva pilot.

Birthdate: September 12, Blood type: A

Horaki Hikari

Class president of Shinji's class. She has a very down-to-earth character, and takes her responsibilities as Class President seriously. For this reason she is somewhat shunned by the boys in the class. While outwardly apalled at Touji's unmannerly character, she secretly harbors affection toward him, but never says so openly. She is one of Asuka's few friends in Japan.

Birthdate: February 18

Ikari Yui

Gendou's wife, and Shinji's mother. Born in 1977, an accident during an E Project test took her from this world at the young age of 27. There appear to be some secrets concerning her death. She met Gendou while in university, and married him soon after graduating. She is also the one who brought together Fuyutsuki and Gendou.

Akagi Naoko

Ritsuko's mother, and a gifted scientist who participated in Gehirn as the developer of MAGI. She was Gendou's lover, but then committed suicide due to their relationship.

Keel Lorentz

Supreme Leader of Special Agency NERV, and also Chairman of the Instrumentality Committee. He is a central figure in the secretive organization SEELE, which controls NERV from behind the scenes. Although he entrusts Gendou with the Instrumentality Project (HCP), he also monitors Gendou's actions.