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This script is an unofficial translation of the movie "The End of Evangelion" produced by GAiNAX Co. ltd. As such, permission of translation has not been obtained from the copyright owners. (Gainax's official response regarding scripts was that once an overseas distributor picks up the contract, it's out of their hands...)
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Title Card:
Neon Genesis Evangelion Cinema Edition

The End of Evangelion - Episode 25: Air/Love is destructive


Shinji stands silently before the lake created by the explosion of EVA-00, triggered by Rei in episode number 23, which also destroyed Tokyo-3. (Note: The splash created by the falling electrical part is identical to the splash made by Kaworu's head at the end of Death.)


SCENE: Hospital - 1st Cranial Nerve Department
Shinji in Asuka's hospital room (No. 303), Asuka lying in bed

Background announcement:
Sections 2 and 3 of the East Wing will close at 6 p.m. today.
Staff are requested to finish all work by 4: 30 p.m.

I... I'm scared of both Misato and Ayanami...
Help me... Help me, Asuka.
Hey... Wake up! Come on... Wake up!
Come on... Hey... Asuka... Asuka... ASUKA!!
Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me!
Call me an idiot like always!

Shinji shakes Asuka roughly so that she rolls onto her back...
Her hospital gown opens to reveal her naked except for her underwear...
Shinji locks the door to the sickroom and his breathing gradually becomes faster and heavier ending with a muffled grunt (off screen).
He stares down at the ejaculated fluids covering his right hand.

I... I'm scum... (Lit: I'm the lowest...)


TITLE CARD: Episode 25 - Air


SCENE: NERV Command Center-
Makoto, Shigeru and Maya talk as they sit in the dark and drink coffee.

Maya (off screen):
What!? A total ban on access to and from Headquarters!?

Makoto (off screen):
I guess we're still at Level-1 Alert...

Maya (off screen):
Why? Wasn't Kaworu* the last angel? (*Literally: "that boy")

That's right. All the angels have been destroyed.

Isn't there supposed to be peace now?

Then, what'll happen to NERV? and the Evas?
I wish Dr. Akagi (Senpai) was here...

NERV will probably be disbanded, and who knows what'll happen to us.

Makoto (off screen):
We'll just have to stick it out until the Instrumentality Project starts.


SCENE: Misato in her car - turnout overlooking the new lake (Tokyo-3)

Misato (to herself):
Having reached its limit as a colony of flawed and separate entities,
Humankind is to be artificially evolved into a perfect single being.
The Instrumentality Project...
An ideal world...
And to achieve this the Committee plans to use not Adam or NERV, but Eva.
Just like Kaji predicted.


SCENE: SEELE monoliths - Gendo and Fuyutsuki

SEELE 01 (Keel):
The promised time has come.
With the Lance of Longinus now lost, complementation using Lilith is impossible.
Our only hope is to proceed with EVA-01, Lilith's sole clone.

While different from SEELE's scenario...

Humans have existed to create Eva. (ambiguous)

Humans should evolve into a new world. That is the purpose of the Eva series.

We have no intention of giving up our human forms simply to enter the Ark called Eva.

It is merely a rite of passage... To bring about the rebirth in those who are imprisoned.

SEELE 05(?):
The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

SEELE 04(?):
A sacrament to unite God, humans, and all other life forms in death.

Death gives birth to nothing.

SEELE 01 (Keel):
Then death is what you shall have.

(SEELE monoliths disappear)

Humans exist because they have the will to live...
And that is the reason she remained within Eva.


SCENE: Rei lying in bed in her apartment. She wakes up (looking surprisingly like Yui), looks out the window to see the full moon illuminating the night sky, and leaves. Gendo's glasses lie twisted and broken on the floor behind her.


SCENE: Shinji lying awake in his room with his headphones on. The tape counter reads 00:00:00 and the battery indicator flashes empty.


SCENE: The new lake (The ruins of Tokyo-3)


SCENE: NERV Computer Room
Misato hacks into the system using a laptop computer.

So, this is the truth behind Second Impact...
(Screen flashes and alarm sounds)
Have they noticed me!?
No, that's not it! It's starting!


SCENE: NERV Command Center
Alarms sound... emergency indicators light...

NERV operator (background - male):
No. 6 net - audio communications severed!
Goura ground circuit, inoperative!

Fuyutsuki (to phone):
Switch the left side over to blue emergency communications!
Open a satellite uplink if you have to! That's right!
What's the situation on the right?

Person on Phone:
Negative! All outgoing network and data lines are being cut off!!

Are they after MAGI?

Shigeru (off screen):
Data entry from all external nodes.
(on screen)
They're hacking the MAGI system!

Just as I thought. Is it coming from MAGI-2 in Matsushiro?

No, it's at least 5 MAGI type units.
Hacking verified from Germany, China, the U.S....

SEELE is mustering all of their forces. 5 to 1 odds*... Not good.
(Lit: A difference in power of 5 to 1)

Shigeru (off screen):
No. 4 firewall breached!

Locking the main database... Negative! We can't stop their invasion!

Maya (off screen):
It's entering a deeper level!
(on screen)
Even the back-up circuit can't stop it!

Fuyutsuki (thinking):
This is bad... Capture the MAGI system and you capture everything.


SCENE: Ritsuko in her cell

Background announcement:
General Quarters: Second Level Alert! Repeat - General Quarters: Second Level Alert!

(Cell door opens)

Background announcement (cont'd): All personnel report to designated posts at once.

I know... MAGI's self-defense system.

Security staff at door:
Yes. Lt. Ibuki at the No. 2 Command Center has the details.

Even an abandoned woman has her uses... How egotistical.


SCENE: Misato approaching Command Center with phone

Background announcement:
Level-2 Alert currently in effect! All B-floor non-combat personnel evacuate at once.

Status report?

Makoto (on phone):
Hyuga here. (Lit: Good morning.)
Tokyo-2 has just issued Special Order A-801!


Makoto (on phone):
That's right. Abolishment of special legal protection for NERV and transfer of all command to the government of Japan.

(Elevator door closes)
(Cut to: NERV Command Center - Maya and Makoto)

It's an ultimatum...
Yes, and MAGI is being hacked. Things aren't looking good.

Ibuki here.
Dr. Akagi has just begun protective countermeasures.

(Misato appears on elevator)


(Ritsuko inside MAGI)

Ritsuko (thinking):
Am I acting foolish? Men and women are so illogical...
(speaking) Isn't that right? (reaches up to Casper) Mother...

Cut to: NERV Command Center

NERV operator (male):
Goura ground circuit recovery rate up to 0.2%

How much longer?

NERV operator (female):
No. 3 cable, Hakone back-up circuit still inoperative.

Makoto (off screen):
We should just make it.
Dr. Akagi is amazing, one more minute to the end of page 120...
And only two-and-a-half more minutes until deployment of a primary firewall.

Misato (thinking):
Just hacking MAGI? They're not going to let us off that easy... probably.

MAGI is only the first skirmish.
The bastards' objective is the direct take-over of headquarters and the two remaining Eva units.

Yes. With not only Lilith, but even Adam in our hands....

No wonder the old men are so worried.

(MAGI displays turn green)

Hacking against MAGI has been stopped.
(off screen)
A Danang Type-B defense screen has been deployed.
External access is impossible for the next 62 hours.

(Ritsuko emerges from MAGI)

See you in a bit, mother.


SCENE: SEELE monoliths

Ikari has executed a Type-666 protection program on the MAGI system.
It won't be easy to breach.

It appears that we will have to forego acquisition of MAGI.

I had hoped to solve this peacefully, but they leave me no choice.
Take over the entire headquarters directly, at once!!


SCENE: Road by the lake - JSSDF officer with military phone

JSSDF officer:
Commence operations as planned.

(Soldiers pop up... aircraft fly... tanks and missiles fire... all hell breaks loose)


SCENE: NERV Command Center - Alarms sound... Screens go blank...

NERV operator (female):
Radar sites 8 to 17 have gone dead!

Shigeru (off screen):
JSSDF tech battalion advancing through Goura defense perimeter!

Makoto (off screen):
Two battalions approaching from Gotemba!

NERV operators (background):
Three air squadrons confirmed approaching from Mishima.
Close down Futagoyama and Komagatake routes at once!
Invasion through Goura 2nd defense perimeter point A... Currently engaging enemy.

It seems that man's ultimate enemy is also man.

General quarters. Go to Level-1 Battle Stations.

Battle Stations!?
(whispered) But the enemy isn't an Angel... They're human like us.

Makoto (whispered):
But they don't think that way.


War scenes... NERV guard stabbed in back... Gates open and alarm sounds

NERV Soldier:
Hey, what's going on? Hello!?

NERV Lieutenant:
What's going on?

NERV Soldier:
The south hub-station...

(Truck explodes, killing the soldiers... Black suited troops move in.)


SCENE: NERV Command Center - More alarms...

NERV operators (male):
Daigatake tunnel cut off!
Fire at West No. 5 freight entrance!
Invading forces have entered Level 1!

South hub station off-line!

The forces attacking the west side are a decoy!
If their real target is the Evas, they'll be going after the pilots!
Have Shinji stand by at EVA-01, quickly!


Where's Asuka?

In sickroom 303.

(Shot of Asuka lying in bed)

Misato (off screen):
Put her into EVA-02 anyway.

But her synchronization with Eva hasn't recovered yet.

Yes, but she'll surely be killed if she stays there.
The best place to hide her is inside EVA-02.

(to headset) Stop medication to pilot. Prepare for launch!

As soon as Asuka is inside EVA-02, hide it in the underground lake.
It'll be found almost immediately, but it's better than leaving it in the cage.
Where's Rei?

Whereabouts unknown... Unable to confirm her location!

She'll be killed. Find her, quickly!

(Rei floating in LCL tank)

(EVA-02 launch)

EVA-02 launched via No. 8 route.
Stabilize at a depth of 70 meters.

Launch EVA-01 next! Deploy it inside the Geofront!

Negative! The pilot hasn't arrived yet!

(Shinji verified on monitor screen)
Oh, no....

Background announcement:
Closing all Central Dogma barricades up to Level 2.
All non-combat personnel, evacuate via route 87.

(Shots of gates and barricades closing throughout NERV)

(NERV Command Center)

Shigeru (off screen):
No. 3 underground barricade destroyed! Enemy Forces invading Level 2!

The JSSDF have committed almost an entire division...
It's only a matter of time before they take us over completely.

(Gendo rises from his seat)

Professor Fuyutsuki, take care of things here.

I understand. Give my regards to Yui.

(Shots of fighting and mayhem)

(NERV Command Center)

NERV operators (male):
No response from Group 2!
Communication with No. 77 Computer Room negative.

No. 52 monorail destroyed!

Background announcement:
Explosion confirmed at No. 3 hub-station. Numerous dead. Damage unknown.

This is terrible. Even Angels would be better.

Misato (thinking):
It's no surprise... We're not used to killing other humans.

(More shots of death and destruction- female NERV officer drags the body of her comrade down a passage way,
only to be struck down by a barrage of bullets from an invading JSSDF soldier)

JSSDF officer:
Cut the cables starting with the red ones...

Cut to: NERV Command Center

NERV operator (male):
Level 3 Block B invaded! Defense impossible!

Shigeru (off screen):
Enemy also confirmed in Block F! Main Bypass under crossfire!

Abandon Levels 1 to 3! Combat teams, fall back!
Release Bakelite into all passages and pipes up to Section 803!


(Shots of Bakelite being released)

Background announcement:
Commence Bakelite injection from Section 703. 30 seconds to completion.
Commence Bakelite injection from Section 737. 30 seconds to completion... (continues)

This should slow them down a bit.

Major Katsuragi! No. 47 route has been cut off... Group 3 is unable to advance!
If this continues Shinji will be...!

(Shot of Shinji hiding under stairs)

(NERV Command Center)

Misato (off screen):
All non-combat personnel avoid close combat.

(Misato takes out and loads her pistol)

(on screen) The enemy are professionals...
If you can't fall back to the Dogma, it's better to surrender.
(whispered to Makoto) Sorry, take care of things here.




Mt. Futagoyama under control - Seal off Nagao Pass at once! Affirmative.
Visual confirmation of No. 1 Command Center explosion...

JSSDF Division Commander:
This is more difficult than expected.

Sub Commander:
We never get the easy jobs.


SCENE: NERV Command Center
Makoto and Shigeru take out and ready small arms.

This is bad... We were never equipped with full-scale anti-personnel defense systems.

Yeah. Only counter-terrorist measures at best.

If the JSSDF mounts a serious attack, we don't stand a chance.

Come to think of it, the reductions in funding for anti-personnel defense measures probably had this in mind from the beginning.

That's entirely possible...

(Explosion in Command Center... Attacking forces move in...)

No. 2 Command Center - Invaders on lower left floor.

(Handing pistol to Maya) Release the safety.

I... I can't shoot.

Of course you can! Just pretend this is training!

But I wasn't shooting at people, then!

Idiot! Shoot, or we're going to die!



EPISODE 25' - Love is destructive


SCENE: Rei, staring into the tank containing the remains of her destroyed counterparts

Gendo (off screen):
Rei... I thought you'd be here.

(on screen)

The promised time has come.
Let's go.


SCENE: Dead NERV personnel litter the passageway

1st soldier (off screen):
Level 2 completely secured, over.

2nd soldier (on radio):
No. 2 Command Center - Still unable to secure original MAGI system.
Currently engaging enemy on lower left floor.

JSSDF officer (on radio):
Commence heat dissipation procedures on the fifth Malbolge at once.

(NERV officer raises arms in surrender - JSSDF officer fires a round into his head, places his foot on the body, and fires two more shots.)

JSSDF officer (female):
Eva pilots are to be terminated on sight.
Unconditional execution of non-combatants also authorized.

JSSDF officer (on radio):
Yanagihara and Shinjo squads, enter lower levels immediately.

(Shinji hiding... and found by three JSSDF soldiers)

3rd pilot found - will proceed to eliminate.

(Places barrel of gun against Shinji's forehead)

Nothing personal, kid.

(Misato charges in firing to the rescue)

Misato (cynically):
Nothing personal here either... (Shoots soldier in the head)
Come on... Let's get to EVA-01.


SCENE: Misato and Shinji in parking lot- Misato listening to enemy movements on a dead soldier's radio

JSSDF radio:
Yamagishi squad at No. 7 cage, report your status, over.
Purple unit secured.
No problems with Bakelite infusion.
Red unit appears to have been launched...
Currently searching for launch route used.

Damn! They're trying to prevent physical contact between Shinji and EVA-01.
There's no time to lose...
Quick, Shinji... (pause) Do you want to run away, or go to Eva? - Pick one!
(Shinji says nothing)
-If we stay here we'll die for nothing!

Shinji (whispering):
Help me, Asuka... Help me...

Misato (exasperated):
Hiding behind a girl at a time like this!?
Running from reality... Lying to yourself!?
Doing things half-assed is the worst thing you can do!
So, stand up! Stand up!!

Shinji (whispering):
No... Let me die. I don't want to do anything.

Misato (angry):
Stop talking like a spoiled brat!
You're still alive, aren't you?
So, do all you can to keep yourself alive, and then die afterwards!


SCENE: NERV Command Center
The battle continues...

Forget about here! Give top priority to isolating the Terminal Dogma!

Everything else has been destroyed...
Why don't they just blow up the Command Center, too?

I'm sure they'd like to take us out in a single blow, but the original MAGI system is right below us.

They want the MAGI system intact, huh?

But we're defenseless against BC (biological and chemical) weaponry.
If they use those, we're in trouble.

N2 weapons, too...

(As if by coincidence, an N2 warhead drops, opening up the Geofront)

Speak of the devil!

Isn't that a bit extreme!?

Fuyutsuki (smirking):
Playing a bit rough, aren't we?

(A rain of missiles strikes the Geofront directly)

Why do they want the Evas so badly!?


SCENE: Misato and Shinji in Misato's car, driving passed the failed Eva prototypes.

They plan to initiate Third Impact - not with Angels, but by using the Eva series.
15 years ago, Second Impact was caused by humans on purpose.
(Flashed shot: Second Impact)
But that was in order to minimize the damage by returning Adam (flashed image: Giant of Light) to an embryonic state (flashed image: Embryo in attache case) before the other Angels awoke.
(flashed image: graves)
Shinji, we humans were born from a being called Lilith, who is a source of life just like Adam. We are the 18th Angel. (flashed image: DNA) The other Angels are possibilities of what we might have become - humans that gave up human form. (flashed image: Kaworu - Rei)
Sadly, we had to reject each other - even though we're all human...
Listen, Shinji... You must destroy all of the Eva series. It's the only way to stay alive.
[Note: The Adam/Lilith line above was verified directly with Director Tsurumaki of Gainax.
(Tsurumaki Kazuya => Director of the Eva TV series, Director of movie episode 25' "Air")]


SCENE: Office of the Prime Minister of Japan
(Sounds of construction in the background)

Prime Minister:
The phone lines have gone dead.

(Screen text: Nagano Prefecture, New Tokyo-2
Prime Minister's Residence, No. 3 State Office)

Yes, sir. Ballistic warhead impact was confirmed three minutes ago.

Prime Minister:
The Instrumentality Project that NERV was secretly researching...
Initiating Third Impact to annihilate mankind...
The mere thought sends shivers down my spine.

Humans must be the only creatures able to despise their own kind.

Prime Minister:
All that's left is to take care of the NERV headquarters facilities.

Do you want Germany or China to undertake the re-development?

Prime Minister:
No - We won't be taken advantage of.
Seal it up for 20 years, just like old Tokyo.


SCENE: Outside in the Geofront.

1st soldier (on radio):
Surface heat receding.
High-pressure steam discharges have also subsided.

2nd soldier (on radio):
Initial location of all units completed.

JSSDF Sub Commander::
Dogma Level 3 and the purple unit have been secured.

JSSDF Commander::
And the red unit?

Intelligence officer:
Found in the underground lake at a depth of 70 meters. The pilot's status is unknown.


SCENE: Asuka curled up in the fetal position inside EVA-02 Entry Plug

...I'm alive... ?

(Shots of depth charges firing and exploding around EVA-02)

(Whispered at first then repeated growing louder and stronger)
I don't want to die... I don't want to die... I don't want to die...

(Another voice mixes with Asuka's)
I don't want to die... (You're still alive) I don't want to die... (You mustn't die yet) I don't want to die... (You must live)
I don't want to die... (I won't let you die) I don't want to die... (Don't kill me) I don't want to die... (You're still alive)
I don't want to die... (I won't let you die yet) I don't want to die... (You must keep living) I don't want to die... (Die for me!)
I don't want to die... (You mustn't die yet!) I don't want to die... (Die!) I don't want to die... (You're alive!) I don't want to die...
I don't want to DIE!!

(Flashback to Asuka as a child with mother)

Mama... So this is where you've been?

(Asuka clasps her mother's hand and EVA-02 awakens.)



SCENE: Geofront lake -> Giant cross-shaped explosion

1st soldier:
What the!?

2nd soldier:
Did we get it!?

(EVA-02 emerges and starts fighting)

Asuka (thinking):
Mama... Mama!
I understand now... The meaning of the AT Field.
Always protecting me! Always watching over me!
(speaking) Always... always together!

(Misato and Shinji in Misato's car)

Maya (on radio):
EVA-02 has activated!
Asuka's okay! She's alive!


(Asuka fighting)

JSSDF officer:
The cable! That thing's power cable!
Concentrate all fire power on the cable!

(Cable is severed)

Even without the cable...
I still have 12,000 plates of special armor... and my AT Field!
I can't lose! Not against you!!

(JSSDF forces are easily beaten by Eva-02 and Asuka)


SCENE: SEELE monoliths

The loathsome Evangelion...
Do they stand in our way yet again?
It seems that one must fight fire with fire.
(Lit: fight poison with poison)


SCENE: EVA-05 to -13 released -> Asuka

The Eva series!?
They've been completed?

Cut to: NERV Command Center

Deployment of all nine units equipped with the S2 system!?
Isn't that a bit excessive?
Or... do they plan to initiate it here!!?

Back to the battle, as the Eva series land

Cut to: Shinji and Misato, enroute to the Eva-01 cage

Misato (on phone):
Listen Asuka. You must destroy all of the EVA series.
I'll have Shinji there to help assist you soon. Do your best.
(changes lines - to Makoto) We can get to EVA-01 via emergency route No. 20, right?

Makoto (on phone):
Affirmative. We've secured three separate power sources just in case.
As long as you enter within three minutes, you can reach the No. 7 cage directly.

(Misato starts dragging Shinji)

Cut to: Asuka in EVA-02

I have to destroy them all?
Is she forgetting she's talking to a convalescent?
Nine units in three and a half minutes...
That works out to only 20 seconds apiece!

(Asuka attacks)

Erst! (German: "That's one!")


SCENE: Misato and Shinji - Emergency Elevator R-10-20

Here it is.

(Shots fire... Misato is hit, but they enter the shaft and the door closes - followed closely by a large explosion outside)

1st soldier:
They got away...

2nd soldier (to radio):
Unable to terminate target.
Standing by for orders to pursue...

JSSDF officer (on radio):
Negative. That area is scheduled for demolition.
Pull back immediately.

2nd soldier:
Yes, sir.

(Misato and Shinji in passageway)

Misato (slumped against wall - labored breathing):
Th... That should hold them off... for a while.
I'm okay... It's not as serious... as it looks.
(staggers to feet and opens gate)
There's still power - We can make it.

(Misato pins Shinji against gate)

-Shinji... from here out you're on your own.
You have to make the decisions by yourself - without anyone's help.

I... I can't do it. I just can't...
I can't pilot Eva if it means I'm going to hurt or even kill other people.
I have no right to do that.
I thought that piloting Eva was my only choice...
But I was just fooling myself.
I don't understand anything - I'm not worthy to pilot Eva.
There's nothing that I can do for other people!
I've done terrible things to Asuka, and even killed Kaworu...
There isn't a shred of kindness in me!
Only dishonesty and cowardice...
If I can only hurt people, then I'd rather not do anything at all!

Misato (angrily):
I'm not going to feel sorry for you.
If you don't want to be hurt, then just die without doing anything at all!

(Shinji starts crying)

-Crying won't help you now!
(Misato's tone becomes gentler)

-You hate yourself, right?
That's why you hurt other people...
Because you know that hurting other people is more painful than hurting yourself.
But, no matter what happens, remember that it was your decision.
And that makes it worthwhile, Shinji - Because you decided by yourself!
So stop lying to yourself... Think about what you can do... And then live with your decisions.

But you're... you're not me!
You don't understand anything about ME!!

(Misato slams Shinji against the gate)

Misato (harshly):
So what if I'm not you!?
Are you just going to give up now!?
If you stay here and do nothing, I won't forgive you!
I'll NEVER forgive you as long as I live!!

(Misato's tone changes to desperation)

-Nobody's perfect.
You realize that you've made a mistake, and then regret it...
That's all I've ever known.
Nothing but empty happiness and hating myself.
But... I feel like I always grew from the experience!

Misato (gently):
Listen, Shinji. Pilot Eva once more and find yourself.
Pilot Eva to face the questions "Why did you come here?"
"Why are you here?"
Find your own answers.
And then... after finding yourself... come back to me.

(Misato places her cross in Shinji's hand)

It's a promise.
Now, go.

(Misato kisses Shinji deeply)

Misato(sultry voice):
That's a grownup kiss.
We'll do the rest when you get back...

(Misato pushes the stunned Shinji into the elevator and then collapses)

Misato (weakly):
If I knew it would end this way...
I would've done like Asuka said...
And changed the carpet...
Right, Pen-pen?
Kaji... did I do all right?

(A ghostly Rei stands above Misato, then an explosion -> Shinji crying in elevator. Looking at Misato's blood spattered cross and tasting her blood in his mouth, Shinji slides into the corner, sobbing.)


SCENE: Asuka fighting Eva series

(Shinji standing in front of EVA-01 encased in solidified Bakelite)

Asuka (on speaker):
Jeeez! Don't they ever stop!?
And I can't even count on that idiot Shinji!!


SCENE: Terminal Dogma - Gendo, Rei and Lilith - Ritsuko sitting at edge of LCL pool

I've been waiting for you.

(Ritsuko stands and draws a gun... Asuka fighting... Back to Ritsuko)

I'm sorry... I secretly altered MAGI's program earlier.
A daughter's final request...
Mother... die with me.

(Ritsuko presses something in her pocket, but nothing happens.)

It didn't activate? Why!?

(Pulls portable terminal from pocket - Casper-3: Rejected)

(gasp) Betrayed by Casper!
How could you, Mother? Choosing your man over your own daughter...

(Gendo draws his gun)

Ritsuko Akagi, I truly... (Gendo's lips move, but you can't hear him.)

Ritsuko (surprised, but then smiles):
... Liar....

(Gendo shoots Ritsuko, who falls back into the pool of LCL before a ghostly Rei.)


SCENE: NERV Command Center
The battle rages on - Maya monitors EVA-02 via laptop computer

What's happening outside?

Less than a minute before EVA-02 reaches its operational limit!
At this rate, Asuka will...!

(Asuka fighting the Eva series)

I can't lose!

(Shinji sitting in front of EVA-01)

Asuka (on speaker):
Not with Mama watching me!

Mama... Mother?

(Back to Asuka fighting)

These are the last ones!

(As Asuka finishes off the last Evas, one of the Eva series' swords comes flying at her...
She stops it with her AT Field, but it turns into the Lance of Longinus)

The Lance of Longinus!?

(The Lance pierces the AT Field, then EVA-02's head... Asuka shrieks and EVA-02 powers down... Asuka clutches futilely at the controls)

(NERV Command Center)

Internal power source depleted... Operational limit reached. EVA-02... down.
What!? The destroyed... Eva series!?

(Eva series reactivates)

The Eva series have reactivated!

Are they're going to finish her off!?

(Eva series flock over EVA-02 and rip it apart like carrion birds)

What's happening?

(gagging) I can't look! I... I can't watch anymore!

(Maya's laptop shows EVA-02's body display blanking out piece by piece.)

This is...? EVA-02!?

(Geofront, where EVA-02 is being ripped apart)

Asuka (snarling):
I'll kill you... Kill... kill... kill you... Kill... I'll kill you... I'll kill you all... (repeated)

(EVA-02 attempts to reactivate)

(NERV Command Center)


Asuka! Stop!!

Kill you all... I'll kill you... I'll kill you all... (repeated)

(Asuka's arm splits in two as a Lance of Longinus splits EVA-02's arm - Eva series impale EVA-02 with their lances)
(Maya gasps - Shinji sitting in front of EVA-01)

Maya (on speaker - screaming):
Shinji!! EVA-02! Asuka! Asuka... she's...!

But I can't get into the Eva... There's nothing I can do...

(EVA-01 breaks free from the Bakelite and clutches at Shinji)


Cut to: Terminal Dogma - Rei and Gendo

Has EVA-01 finally awakened?

(NERV headquarters pyramid explodes upwards in a giant cross which turns into wings -
EVA-01 appears howling in the Geofront with a demon's face and a set of wings)

JSSDF Sub Commander:
Evangelion Unit One?

JSSDF Commander:
It's the devil himself!!

(Shinji subdued inside EVA-01 entry plug)

Asuka... ?

(Shinji sees the mangled remains of EVA-02 and screams)


Title Card: To be continued

-Episode 25' and 26' End Credits spiraling in red CG helix with end theme, Thanatos: If I Can't Be Yours -