Evangelion Kaibunsho:

• Disclaimer text (WARNING) and Introduction

• SECTION.01 - About the Evangelion TV airing
- Part 1: Before the TV airing
- Part 2: The truth behind the breakdown of Eva -- The inside story from the start through the middle of the TV airing
- Part 3: The truth behind the breakdown of Eva -- The inside story from the middle through the final phases of the TV airing

• SECTION.02 - About Director Anno
- Part 1: His past
- Part 2: The identity of his first true love
- Part 3: His dissatisfaction with anime fans, and the hidden intent behind it
- Part 4: Just the whining of an otaku with no sense of professionalism?
- Part 5: Conclusion -- A child should not venture forth into society (laugh)

• SECTION.03 - About the Mitaka poster incident
- Part 1: Mitaka citizens shocked! The June 3 disturbance!
- Part 2: Mitaka City -- What is this mysterious municipality?
(Turns into a rant partway -- only partially translated)
- Part 3: FLIP-NET -- A breeding ground for nuisance groups
(The rant continues -- not translated)
- Part 4: Fundamental questions/doubts
(The rant continues -- not translated)

• SECTION.04 - About Okada Toshio
- Part 1: An SF otaku meets an anime otaku
(Not translated yet for reasons of time)
- Part 2: Establishment of a company, betrayal, and now
(Not translated yet for reasons of time)

• SECTION.05 - On the new movie release slated for this spring
(Mostly ranting and speculation -- only partially translated)

• SECTION.06 - A few grievances
(Rant -- not translated)

• SECTION.07 - Conclusion
(Some ranting -- only partially translated


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