I had never realized how scarce information (in English) on director Hideaki Anno actually is until I sought out information on the man myself. Despite being the creator of one of the most controversial and influential anime series ever, and one of the most popular in both its native Japan and in the US (and other countries) Hideaki Anno has remained something of an elusive character. His only US appearance thus far has been at the convention Anime Expo 1996 - an interesting visit to say the least.

Many fans of Evangelion have discovered Anno's previous anime directorial work in the titles Top O Narae! Gunbuster and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, but his post Evangelion work has become somewhat obscure. Some people know of Anno's involvement in the Gainax anime Kareshi no Kanojo no Jijou (KareKano), but the subsequent film ventures are relatively unknown to US and foreign audiences.

This sub-section of The Evangelion Otaku Page is dedicated to the man behind the scenes who pulls the strings, and the work he's done after Neon Genesis Evangelion. Anno's moved on from the world of animation, saying he feels no inspiration at the current time to continue in that medium. His new motion pictures are live-action, adaptations of Japanese novels. But still they bear Hideaki Anno's unmistakable vision and visual style.